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Senate Subcommittee Releases Two Reports on the International Community’s Approach to Population Health

The Senate Subcommittee on Population Health has released two interim reports on its study of the determinants of health, entitled Population Health Policy: International Perspective and Maternal Health and Early Childhood Development in Cuba.

The Subcommittee will continue to examine government policies, programs and best practices that influence the health of Canadians.  It will investigate ways in which governments could better coordinate their activities in order to improve health outcomes, whether these activities involve the different levels of government or various departments and agencies within a single level of government.  The Subcommittee has therefore set an ambitious agenda to review the data and help chart a way forward toward dramatically reducing health disparities in Canada.
For more information on the Subcommittee, please visit "Subcommittee on Population Health," under "Social Affairs" at  

The interim reports are available on the Committee's website:

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