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RFP--Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services ED Transition

Request for Proposal (RFP) April 1, 2008

To lead a transition team to hire a new Executive Director for Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services


Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services is a multi-service community development organization focusing on community education and engagement and the enhancement of resiliency for individuals and the community.  Our programs and services range from child development and parenting for children 0 to 6 to Seniors lunches and fitness programmes.  We have been engaged in research on enhancing resiliency in children and youth and presently offer a program for girls ages 10 - 14 and a similar programme for boys of the same age.  We primarily serve newcomer families.  The cultural communities we serve include South Asian countries, Latin and South American countries, African countries, in particular Somalia and Caribbean countries.  Doorsteps was created in 1998 with the amalgamation of three neighbourhood centres:  Daystrom, Chalkfarm and Falstaff. Each neighbourhood centre continues to function with considerable autonomy to meet the needs of their particular neighbourhood.  Centrally, we manage administration, fundraising, human resources and program and service development. Our present ED has been in place since the beginning of Doorsteps and manages 7 staff in four sites as well as many part time and seasonal staff.  She is planning to retire in December 2008.  

Request for Proposal:

Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services Board of Directors is seeking proposals from consultants experienced in executive transition management in the non-profit sector.  Specifically we are looking for someone to develop an executive transition hiring strategy to ensure a smooth changeover in the leadership of Doorsteps at the end of this year, 2008.

Scope of Work and Responsibilities:

  1. Develop a comprehensive transition plan incorporating a brief review of the literature on ETM (Executive Transition Management) as well as reviewing all relevant background material to develop a clear picture of the organization and the community in which it operates.  This plan will include timelines and an itemized budget to ensure a seamless changeover of leadership of Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services.
  2. Present a written report to Board of agency identifying the current needs of the agency through a review of Doorsteps' Strategic Plan and through consultation with the board, staff and three local community neighbourhood program committees.
  3. Provide advice to and work with the Doorsteps Board of Directors on the job description, where to advertise, questions for interviewing etc to ensure the best candidate applies for and is hired for this position.
  4. Provide advice on transitioning and training for the new ED to ensure the ongoing functioning of the organization.
  5. Provide coaching support for the present ED to assist her in transitioning into the next stages of her work life.

Selection Criteria:

  • Demonstrate experience in facilitating executive transition management in the non-profit sector.
  • Ability to complete the project by December 2008.
  • Previous work with community neighbourhood services sector an asset.
  • Ability to work comfortably with various stakeholders - strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent references from two non profit organizations that have gone through similar processes.

Budget for transition management consultation:  $5000-$7000

Deadline for Application:  April 21, 2008

Contact Information

Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services, Board of Directors
211 - 1700 Wilson Avenue, Box 95
Toronto, Ontario,  M3L 1B2            
(416) 243-5480 x22