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New Resources from Best Start Resource Centre

Best Start Resource Centre would like to announce the availability of English camera ready ads on the topics of abuse and pregnancy, postpartum mood disorders, and preconception. The ads may be useful to public health, health clinics, early years programs, communications staff, or other service providers whose mandate includes prenatal and child health. The ads are available in higher resolution files (ready to use). You can insert your local contact information into the ads if desired.

The ads can be used in many different ways, for example

  • Submit the ads to local media as part of a larger awareness strategy
  • Submit the ads as PSAs to local media for use when there is extraspace on a page
  • Print the ads as mini posters for your bulletin board
  • Insert the ads in your newsletters

The ads are online electronic tools only, and can be found at

[Source: MNCHP-L,]