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Taking Charge of Our Health: Canadian Conference on Integrated Chronic Disease Self-Management

This 2-day conference can change how you manage chronic disease. This one conference can answer all of your questions about self-management and management support.

  • How is "chronic disease self-management" revolutionizing healthcare around the world?
  • Why are health- and cost-conscious public health plans in North America, UK, Australia and elsewhere investing millions of dollars to engage patients in self-management?
  • How are innovative diabetes, hypertension and other chronic disease programs integrating self-management to improve outcomes?
  • How can time-pressured healthcare professionals effectively support patient self-efficacy and responsibility?
  • How can self-management be further enhanced with telehealth, electronic health records, medication management and patient registries?

Space is limited

When: October 23-24, 2008

Where: Toronto Airport Marriott, 901 Dixon Road, Toronto ON M5S 1S4,
Phone: 416-674-9400

What: International and national experts, best practices, hands-on workshops, and ask the experts" seminars

How: There is a downloadable registration form on the website, or call 416-969-7437 or 1-866-895-0690

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