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OILN Learning Exchange -- Our Schools, Our Communities

The Ontario Inclusion Learning Network (OILN) would like to invite you to the next session of our Learning Exchange Series.

Our Schools, Our Communities - a vital conversation on Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice and the possibilities for change.

  • What challenges face young students in schools today?
  • Does the curriculum prepare them to understand our rapidly changing world?
  • What do students learn about the histories they live within and grapple with in their daily lives? Are teachers equipped to teach about such changes?
  • What kinds of 'safe' or 'unsafe' environments do students experience within schools?
  • How do schools interact with the communities around them (and within them)?
  • How can our schools and our communities work together to include and support students affected by the difficult 'lessons' of war, trauma, poverty, racism, homelessness, (im)migration, (il)legal status, linguistic and cultural displacement, sexual harassment and assault, homophobia, gender discrimination, violence in the home and community, racism... (and all the complicated ways by which young lives are marginalized, excluded, and silenced)?

panelists -

  • Carolyn Acker, Executive Director, Pathways to Education
  • Lloyd McKell, Executive Officer, Student and Community Equity, Toronto District School Board
  • Michelle Cho, Organizer/Researcher, Urban Alliance for Race Relations

Please bring your questions and concerns to add to this discussion; bring information and brochures about your organization's initiatives to promote inclusion and equity; bring your friends and colleagues.

FRIDAY, June 6, 2008 - 9 am - 12.30 pm.
Harbourfront Community Centre
627 Queens Quay West. SE corner of Bathurst and Queen's Quay, Toronto
Map (click on Centre Facilities):

Please Register for this event by May 30 (no admission fee)

For more information, contact Jadie McDonnell at 416 408-4841 x3  or email