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Communications Officer, Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health, WHO

Description of duties:
a) Develop a media communications and external relations strategy for the NMH Cluster:
- Develop a strategic plan, workplan and budget to place NMH issues higher on the public health and development agendas of key media, Member States and International Partners;
- Develop key messages for media, Member States and international partners;
- Liaise with WHO staff at HQ, Regional and Country Offices on the development of the strategy;
- Systematically track the impact of the media communications and external relations strategy and modify as appropriate.
b) Develop communications and advocacy products for target audiences to underpin the strategy:
- Write, edit or supervise the preparation of all press materials and ensure their timely dissemination;
- Develop proactive and reactive media materials (e.g. position statements, articles, Op-Eds, Q&As);
- Write, edit or supervise all other key communications products (e.g. NMH newsletters, website, annual reports, fact sheets) and ensure their timely dissemination.
c) Serve as designated primary contact point for all NMH activities in contacts with key media, Member States and International partners;
- Develop and maintain a wide range of contacts among media, Member States and international partners, in particular journalists and thought leaders, to set and further the NMH agenda;
- Brief media spokespeople and communications officers;
- Manage day-to-day press inquiries and media relations;
- Speak on behalf of NMH at press briefings and events.
d) Advise ADG, Directors and other professional staff on communications issues;
- Provide advice on best timing, location and mode of communications interventions to achieve desired results;
- Participate in policy discussions and provide input on potential public image and other communications related issues to technical and management staff;
- Devise appropriate strategies to deal with media crises and/or criticism of NMH activities.
e) Serve as the internal coordination focal point to streamline the communication efforts of the Cluster;
- Liaise systematically with DGO on media communications issues;
- Attend weekly DGO media coordination group meetings;
- Organize weekly NMH media coordination group meetings;
- Coordinate, in close collaboration with DCO, strengthening of communications capacity through trainings and briefings, of NMH technical and communications staff.

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