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Shared Framework for Action -- The Colour of Poverty

It is important for members of racialized communities as well as other marginalized groups to find a way to be most meaningfully engaged in this critical discussion - and to try to make sure that the realities and issues impacting our communities are on the table.

In order to help mobilize and support members of our communities to best participate in this process, Colour of Poverty has created a Shared Framework for Action.

The Shared Framework for Action is a short priority list of the policies and measures as put forward by members of the various racialized groups and individuals who were able to take part in our over 30 local workshops and neighbourhood conversations - held in communities across the province over the past 6 months - which culminated in the Colour of Poverty Provincial Forum held on April 28-29, 2008.

This Shared Framework for Action focuses on the specific measures that participants felt would best address & redress the realities & the particular challenges characteristic of racialized poverty in Ontario. We are calling upon all community groups and individuals concerned about these issues to engage in one or more of the following ACTIONS -

1.    Endorse the Colour of Poverty Shared Framework for Action

2.    Write to your local Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) introducing them to, and getting their support for, the Shared Framework for Action

3.    Ask for a meeting with your MPP - as well as your local media contacts - to more fully introduce, share and discuss the Shared Framework for Action

4.    Organize meetings within your local groups and communities to discuss the local and provincial application of the Shared Framework for Action

5.    Attend the consultation meetings of the Cabinet Committee and help us to consistently and coherently put forward the Shared Framework for Action

HURRY !! The Cabinet consultation process ends soon. We need to act now & act together !!

For more about the Cabinet consultations -

[Source: Health Equity Council]