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RFP--Smoke Free Ontario Consultants, Lungs Are for Life

Tobacco Prevention Specialists working in school-based health promotion

Project Overview

Ophea and The Lung Association have partnered to revise and enhance the existing Lungs Are for Life program to retain the best elements and enhance the delivery of the program in support of a more comprehensive school health approach.  

Lungs Are For Life provides students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 with information on health and social consequences and attempts to motivate students to resist pressures to use substances.

Lungs are For Life helps students to:

  • Recognize and refute tobacco promotion messages from the media, adults, and peers.
  • Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Develop refusal skills through role playing.
  • Affirm and make a declaration to not start or quit smoking.

Roles and Responsibilities

1.  Identify and collect resources and materials that exist to support each of the components of a comprehensive school health approach that relate to tobacco control of interest/use to school-based communities (as per the Health Schools Framework, Ministry of Health Promotion/Ministry of Education - Ontario).

  • Quality Instruction and Programs (Lungs are For Life Program)
  • Healthy Physical Environment
  • Partnerships with Community
  • Supportive Social Environment

This includes the identification of gap areas and areas for improvement consistent with best practice in tobacco prevention and curriculum instruction.

2.  Identify how schools selected to participate in the prototype test would receive customized support specific to each of the components identified above.

3.  Content development (as required) to repurpose, enhance or support the delivery model.

Proposal Submission Requirements

  • Brief History of Supplier and/or Consultant Experience including References
  • Overview/Understanding of Project
  • Recommended Approach and/or Project Plan
  • Timeline (Critical Path) and Fee for Service(s)

(Proposals should be no longer than 4-pages in length, submitted by email to by Friday, June 13th, 2008)

Project Duration/Commitment: June 16th-July 18th, 2008

For more information on proposal requirements, please contact Rachel Deans, Sr. Program and Planning Leader, Ophea, at  or (416) 426-7122.

Submission Deadline: Friday, June 13th, 2008