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New Resource--Multiple-language Printer-ready Handouts on Abuse and Pregnancy

The Perinatal Partnership Program of Eastern and Southeastern Ontario has just released printer-ready handouts on abuse and pregnancy in 10 different languages. These handouts were developed with funding from the Government of Ontario, and with the support of the Best Start Resource Centre. The handouts are available at in the following languages:
English, French, Arabic, Punjabi, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Somali, Spanish, Cree - N Dialect, and Severn Ojibwe.

These are electronic-only resources that you can print as required for your clients/patients. We expect that these printer-ready handouts will complement our existing print resources on abuse and pregnancy, and will assist in meeting your needs for readily available, culturally-specific resources.

For each language, cultural reviewers were involved in fine tuning the translations and in adapting the images. We would like to thank the cultural reviewers for their assistance in developing these resources.

[Source: MNCHP-L,]