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New Report--“Strategic Engagement of Youth in Ethnocultural Communities on Diabetes Awareness” Project Summary

"Strategic Engagement of Youth in Ethnocultural Communities on Diabetes Awareness" was a project undertaken by the Canadian Ethnocultural Council (CEC) with funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

The goal of the project was to increase awareness among high-risk ethnocultural communities in Canada about the risk factors for type 2 diabetes and to foster healthy lifestyle habits that will prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes in youth by

  • Gathering information on knowledge of type 2 diabetes and issues related to type 2 diabetes from high-risk ethnocultural communities,
  • Providing information on type 2 diabetes and data on effective approaches to prevent type 2 diabetes in youth, and
  • Building partnerships and linkages in the communities affected.

The target populations are youth from African, Asian and Hispanic backgrounds, their families and communities, and healthcare professionals that are from or that serve there communities.

The main activities of the project were

  1. National consultations to assess community awareness of type 2 diabetes in youth conducted in five Canadian provinces with the participation of 234 individuals;
  2. A national symposium to provide background data on type 2 diabetes in youth and strategies for prevention gained from experts in the fields of medicine, dietetics, and sports; and
  3. national community briefing to share the information from consultations with youth, communities and media, and to develop appropriate strategies for distribution and dissemination within each of the target groups.

Based on the input from the target population during the consultations and symposium, three reports were prepared. They were

  1. Demographic Analysis;
  2. Community Awareness; and
  3. Resource Guide for Youth, their Families and Caregivers.

The reports can be downloaded from the CEC website: