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Call for Papers--Consuming Chemicals: Implications for Women's Health

The National Network on Environments and Women's Health (NNEWH) is one of four Centres of Excellence for Women's Health, funded by the Bureau of Women's Health and Gender Analysis, Health Canada and is part of the York Institute for Health Research located at York University. NNEWH's mandate is to produce knowledge on the relationship between environments and women's health in order to improve understandings and ultimately improve health status.

NNEWH will commission 6 papers exploring the relationship between exposures to chemicals and women's health. We are interested in both the processes that 'produce' chemicals (and chemical pollution) and the paths of exposure to chemicals through everyday 'consumption' of goods, for example.

We are open to receiving proposals from a wide range of disciplines and theoretical approaches, but we are particularly interested in proposals that adopt a social determinants of health model, which allows for analysis of the complex ways in which environments produce and reproduce the conditions that create disparities in health. Proposals should also be geared towards successful knowledge mobilization: we are interested in critical, engaged theoretical work that is relevant to public policy and contributes to social transformation.

NNEWH will also organize a policy forum based on the papers that aims to contribute to the Health Canada strategic priority to reduce health and environmental risks from products and substances, and maintain healthy, sustainable living and working environments. The authors of the papers will be expected to produce a short policy brief (5 pages or less) that explains the policy implications of the research and clearly indicates what changes they would advocate in favour of instituting at the federal level.
Successful authors will receive a $3000 payment for the production of the paper and the lecture, and will receive a further $1000 payment for the completion of the policy brief and participation in the policy forum. Travel and accommodation costs to Toronto for the lecture and to Ottawa for the policy forum will be covered.

For more information, including submission guidelines, visit [Ed: scroll down or search for a "Consuming Chemicals"; it is about the 18th item listed].