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New Resource--The OCASI Youth Network

The OYN wants to help newcomer youth get access to the many excellent services in their communities, and make sure they have barrier-free assistance from organizations around the province. We want them to feel comfortable and validated when they walk into agencies, knowing that they will get reliable information and services which respect their particular needs.

To do this, we are launching two new exciting initiatives: Services for Youth in Newcomer Communities (SYNC), a research project that will produce a best practices guide for community agencies working with newcomer youth, and a youth-focused information and referral website, providing current and accurate information through technologies like instant messaging, on-demand SMS texting, RSS Feeds, and Social Networking tools.

We want youth to get involved! The OCASI Youth Network is a youth-led and youth-centered initiative - a newcomer network for youth, by youth.

To get involved, email us at or join our Facebook group at

For updates about the project, visit our blogs at and

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