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The 12th annual Health Work & Wellness Conference 2008: Moving Forward…Giving Back

TELUS Convention Centre

What does it really take to keep an organization moving forward? Hard work and perseverance? The right people in the right jobs doing the right work? A healthy and happy workplace? Yes, those are important elements, but these days there's much more. The key to progress is evolving; it has moved through good corporate citizenship and social responsibility to the point where we are now being asked to decide what it means to be truly sustainable, not just in the environmental sense, but as dynamic organizations in touch with everything that's happening around us.

In Calgary this year we will bring together experts to share their knowledge and experience of how to survive and thrive in these demanding. Delegates will learn how to
•    Manage multiple generations working side-by-side.
•    Give employees more quality time with friends and family.
•    Create organizations that employees respect and that respect them.
•    Develop policies and procedures for organizations to be actively involved in addressing the broader challenges facing communities locally, regionally and globally.
•    Understand the fine balance between organizations and the broader social and economic environments in which they operate
•    Make the trade-offs that help their organizations become stronger and more effective.

If you have any specific inquiries or questions, please feel free to contact the Conference office at or phone toll-free at (877) 805-0922.

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