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Canadian Public Health Services Regional Coordinator, Public Health Agency of Canada

Department Name: Public Health Agency of Canada
Locations: Various Locations Classification: ES - 05
Salary: $73,183 to $86,681
Closing Date: August 11, 2008, 23:59, Pacific Time
Reference Number: AHS08J-008794-000455
Selection Process Number: 08-NHW-ON-EA-017
Employment Tenure: Indeterminate/Term/Acting
Vacancies: 5

As a Regional Coordinator for the Canadian Public Health Service (CPHS), you would assume the role of Senior Public Health Officer in providing developmental guidance in the implementation and maintenance of the CPHS within a region of Canada. As the Senior Public Health Officer, you would develop and maintain consultative networks as a primary regional CPHS contact, negotiating and liaising with officials at both FPT levels and with other governments departments, regional health authorities, clients and stakeholders to address a wide range of policy, planning, legislative and strategic issues, including pandemic influenza preparedness, in support of the mission and mandate of the CPHS program and other related initiatives. You would provide strategic and expert advice to senior Agency officials on technical or priority public health issues, and supervise and support public health officers based in regions.

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