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Reclaiming our Food System: A Call to Action

Travelodge Conference Centre

OHCC, as the host of Food Net Ontario is pleased to announce "Reclaiming our Food System," a collaborative conference of Food Secure Canada and FoodNet Ontario. Through plenary sessions and workshops, the conference will focus on analysis of current issues in the food system. It will highlight initiatives that reclaim the system, including practical skill building and policy work at every level of the system. It will begin the process of developing food policies for Canada that derive from the experience of the grassroots, reflect our principles of justice and sustainability, and address the real crises we are facing today. To view program highlights and registration details please visit

Members of Food Secure and FoodNet Ontario are invited to propose workshop and roundtable topics, and leaders, to address the burning issues in our food system and to develop effective actions to reclaim the system. Please contact the Chair of Food Secure Canada through the website with your suggested topic and facilitator or resource person (feel free to nominate yourself).

Food Secure Canada members may log in to the Assembly 2008 Planning Group on the website for more information or to make suggestions regarding the program.  FoodNet Ontario members may contact for more information.