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THCU Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion Webinars

THCU Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion Webinars are now open for registration!

THCU's Workplace Project is running the 2008/2009 series of FREE webinars starting September to April.  You can pick and choose from any topic; all you need is a phone, computer and Internet access!

This year we are conducting webinars related to each step of the CWHP planning framework, a series of generic CWHP topics, as well as our standard introductory session. There are two types of webinar formats, interactive (2 hours long, participants should be prepared to discuss issues and share idea) and presentation style (45 minutes).

New topic areas include:

  • Working with Small Businesses
  • Stress and the Mandatory Guidelines
  • Establishing Effective Healthy Workplace Committees and
  • Developing Workplace Wellness Plans that Work
  • and More!

To view the listing of topics and to register please go to

Webinar space is limited. Book now to reserve your spot! 

Note: The intended audiences for the CWHP webinars are intermediaries (those working with /consulting for clients) to support their clients' workplace health promotion efforts.