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WHO Report on the Social Determinants of Health

"....Many of the differences in health between - and within - countries result from the social environment where people are born, live, grow, work and age. These "social determinants of health" have been the focus of a three-year investigation by an eminent group of policy makers, academics, former heads of state and former ministers of health. Together, they comprise the World Health Organization's Commission on the Social Determinants of Health.
The Commission on Social Determinants of Health was established in 2005 by the late WHO Director-General, Dr LEE Jong-wook, to marshal evidence and make recommendations on reducing health inequities.
The Report is available in English and the Executive Summary in six UN languages and supporting media materials.
The twenty Commissioners are global and national leaders from political, government, civil society and academic fields and from all geographic regions of the world. Individually and as a group, they give profile and voice for the Commission. Drawing on their expertise and experience, they translate the knowledge and learning from other components into levers for policy change and action on health. They communicate the key message and recommendations of the Commission in policy arenas and lever political attention and policy change. In addition, they mobilise financial and human resources and political support for the Commission.

The Commission meetings are opportunities to profile the message of the commission and the leadership, knowledge and action within the regions in which they are held. They provide a means to review the learning and action on social determinants of health taking place, and use this to inform the policy and advocacy of the Commission.