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KT/Clinical Advisor, Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health

Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health
KT/Clinical Advisor

Operating within the centralized Knowledge Transfer and Program Communications function (KTPC) within the Communications and Knowledge Exchange Directorate, this position supports CADTH's 3 core programs (HTA, CDR, COMPUS) in: the translation of technical research and recommendations into key messages targeted to specific audiences; the conceptualization of knowledge transfer (KT) tools and tactics to transfer the knowledge to key stakeholders; and assisting in communicating the research findings to key stakeholders. The target audiences are the provincial/territorial ministries of health; regional health authorities; major hospitals; drug plan managers; health care professionals and informed consumers.
•    Interpret and write succinct, clearly expressed Key Messaging; Reports in Brief; Project Briefs; Gaps in Knowledge Reports and Research/Project Highlights.
•    Produce the plain language version of each CDR technical recommendation and reasons for recommendations.
•    Interpret and write, succinct, clearly expressed Executive Summaries of the clinical and pharmacoeconomic concise reports undertaken for each drug submission to the Common Drug Review. The target audience for the Executive Summaries is primarily health care professionals; however, these reports will also be used by drug plan managers; health care policy-makers and informed consumers.
•    Work closely with program area Research Teams in order to fully understand the clinical and pharmacoeconomic review findings and key context considerations and meet the required turnaround times for producing key messaging and tools for all programs.
•    Develop targeted KT tools and tactics for transferring HTA, COMPUS and CDR research findings to key audiences.
•    Network and establish relationships with key external groups/stakeholders to identify potential synergies and opportunities to highlight CADTH deliverables.
•    Develop and implement a process to disseminate research gaps which have been identified by the program areas to appropriate agencies and groups.
•    Work with CADTH Liaison Officers to identify KT opportunities.
•    Collaborate with appropriate CADTH staff to identify important contextual information germane to potential research projects to assist in prioritizing future CADTH projects.
The minimum level of knowledge is normally acquired through completion of a degree in health sciences (Masters degree preferred), with clinical experience plus 6-8 years in a knowledge transfer role within a health care environment.  Other qualifications include:
•    a good understanding of research and evidence-based medicine principles  as well as an understanding of critical appraisal of medical literature and ability to synthesize the information;
•    a strong understanding of best practices in the knowledge transfer field;
•    effective presentation and interpersonal skills as well as strong networking skills to establish strong working relationships;
•    knowledge of the Canadian health care system;
•    effective project management skills along with excellent organizational and time management skills to manage conflicting priorities and meet tight deadlines;
•    ability to work effectively in a multi-disciplinary team environment;

The Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health is a national body that provides Canada's federal, provincial and territorial health care decision makers with credible, impartial advice and evidence-based information about the effectiveness and efficiency of drugs and other health technologies.

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