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Project Coordination/Manager, Seniors Mental Health and Addiction Services Project – Hospital Implementation

POSITION TITLE    Project Coordination/Manager
DEPARTMENT    Department of Psychiatry, Mt. Sinai Hospital
EMPLOYMENT TYPE    Temporary Full-time for 1 year
SALARY    To Be Determined
HOURS OF WORK(Subject to Change) Monday - Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Must be flexible to work additional hours as required.
EMPLOYEE GROUP    Non Operating
REPORTS TO    Department Head of Psychiatry, Project Lead and Senior Project Manager

Seniors Mental Health and Addiction Services Project - Hospital Implementation (Toronto Central LHIN funded)

The Seniors Mental Health and Addiction Services Project is an initiative that promotes system integration, coordinated service access, process and tool improvement, cultural competency and partnerships between key multi-disciplinary care providers along the care continuum.  The objective of this project is to better serve seniors with mental health, addiction and responsive behavioural issues living in the community and long-term care homes to receive needed, appropriate, ethnoculturally sensitive care in a timely fashion.

The project is funded by the Toronto Central - Local Health Integration Network (TC-LHIN). It aligns and collaborates with a few current LHIN identified priorities including "Aging at Home", "Senior's Health", and "Mental Health and Addiction".

The Seniors Mental Health and Addiction Services Project encompasses five streams of focus: Hospital (Emergency Department, Specialty Program and Acute Care), Community, CCAC, Long-Term Care Homes, and Diversity. Each stream will establish its own working Committee with specific mandates and deliverables, and the chair or co-chairs of each stream will form the Executive Committee to direct, lead and oversee the execution and overall progress of the project.

This position is searching for a coordinator/manager to assist the Hospital stream of the project to work collaboratively with cross-sectoral partners to implement tools, process and an education program to Emergency Departments and to implement a centralized access system to special hospital beds.

The Project Coordinator/Manager is an enthusiastic, adaptable and flexible individual with a definite client service orientation who brings expert knowledge of project management to achieve project mandates, and brings passion to motivate others and be a part of a dynamic multidisciplinary team that will shape an environment for service excellence to deliver mental health, addiction and responsive behavioural services to seniors in the community across the care continuum.

The individual takes a leadership role in collaboration with stakeholders, works closely with the Project Lead using project management, creative problem solving, program evaluation, process improvement, performance measurement, business acumen and research skills to meet project mandates and expectations.

The Project Manager/ Coordinator will report directly to the TC-LHIN assigned Project Lead and the Senior Project Manager.  The individual serves as an integral team member for the overall Seniors Mental Health and Addiction Services Project.

The key responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
•    To take on a couple of major projects working closely with the Project Lead/Senior Project Manager to lead, facilitate, support and assume all project related responsibilities.
•    To manage and complete mandates defined in the project charter within budget, on time and deliver expected results.
•    To apply project management skills to execute all aspects and activities of the project including planning, process redesign, communication, relationship management, problem solving, and quality assurance processes to ensure timely provision of all deliverables defined in the project charters.
•    To regularly interface with the Project Lead and the overall Seniors Mental Health and Addiction Services Project, project sponsors, project team, committee members, and all other appropriate stakeholders to build and maintain strong relationships and ensure smooth transition of activities execution throughout the project lifecycle.
•    To construct comprehensive reports and presentations as required using well-structured thought and a professional delivery style.
•    To keep abreast of the latest development and research in the area of responsibilities.
•    To regularly monitor the external environment in order to anticipate issues or opportunities for the senior's mental health and addiction system to integrate and align with appropriate stakeholders in this fast changing environment.
•    To be able to develop an evaluation system to collect data, analyse results and generate report to evaluate the effectiveness of project progress and measure outcomes is essential.
•    University degree in health sciences or related disciplines, preferably a Master degree in healthcare administration.
•    At least three years of working experience in the healthcare industry, including three years in project management and working with multi-disciplinary task forces or committees
•    Proven ability and success in managing complex projects with multiple stakeholders to motivate, influence and effect change.
•    Comprehensive knowledge of project management including project planning, communication, implementation, and risk assessment and resolution.
•    Experiences in program evaluation, process improvement and performance measure are critical
•    Good understanding of the latest structure and priorities of the Ontario's health care system and its players, and a solid understanding of LHIN and different service providers across the care continuum.
•    Superior interpersonal, communication, facilitation, relationship management and change management skills.
•    Strong ability to execute independent decision and implement timely resolutions.
•    Proficient computer skills to prepare reports and presentations and perform data analysis.
•    Ability to develop effective work relationships with peers and with individuals of different ranks.
•    Ability to understand and work with group dynamics.
•    Possesses both a flexible personality as well as a strong determination to succeed

•    Leadership
•    Planning and organizing skills
•    Communication
•    Inter-personal
•    Team building
•    Problem solving

Posting dates: August 22 - September 6, 2008

Please submit a current resume to:
Angelina Yau
Senior Project Manager

[Source: Health Equity Council listserv]