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Contributing to the OHPE Bulletin

We welcome submissions of events, announcements, job postings, feature articles, resources and letters to the editor. Please read the following carefully and let us know if you have any questions by emailing or calling us at 416-408-2249 or toll free at 1(800) 397-9567.


Privacy Policy


Subscriber List

  • Your name, contact information (where provided), and subscriber history are archived by Health Nexus Santé for the purposes of reporting to our funder on general subscriber characteristics (number, type of organization, and geographic region) and for troubleshooting subscription problems. 
  • We use mailing list software called Mailman hosted under our own domain,
  • Subscribers cannot post to the list directly nor access the address of any other subscriber.
  • None of your information is shared with or accessible to anyone other than ourselves and our funders.

Editorial Policy

  • The Ontario Health Promotion Email (OHPE) bulletin is committed to sharing information about health promotion in a fair, non-partisan and ethical manner. Content for the OHPE is provided by the health promotion community and supplemented by the editorial team.
  • OHPE aims to reflect the variety and diversity that is health promotion in Ontario. Accordingly, the selection of content for the bulletin is guided by a framework of health promotion subject areas, including generic strategies, priority populations, issues, settings and determinants of health (to view the framework, go to Search by Subject). This framework is reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it remains a current and relevant template for selecting OHPE content.
  • Content is edited for grammar, sense and structure only. The accuracy of the information presented in our feature articles is the responsibility of the original author. Corrections or additions to past content are noted in the OHPE News and Summary section or in our Letters to the Editor column and made to the archived version of the affected issue.
  • All content is provided as an information-sharing service and inclusion does not represent endorsement by Health Nexus, Public Health Ontario, or their funder.


  • Please send us documents that are as plain as possible. We cannot include graphics.  We can accept Word and WordPerfect documents. Please do not send us PDFs.
  • We reserve the right to edit notices for length, consistency and correctness.
  • We reserve the right to exclude announcements at the editors' discretion (for e.g., due to space and time constraints or if deemed inappropriate to our audience).
  • All submissions can be emailed to
  • There is no charge for posting items in our newsletter.



  • Events, announcements and job postings must be sent by noon on Thursday for inclusion in the next day's issue. Please note that we do not publish a newsletter on the Friday of a holiday weekend (e.g., Victoria Day, Canada Day, Thanksgiving) and submissions will be retained for inclusion the following week.
  • Feature articles and accompanying resources must be submitted nine full days in advance: i.e., 5:00 p.m. Wednesday the week before publication.
  • Letters to the editor are welcome at any time.


Events, Announcements and Job Postings

  • Please keep it short and simple.
  • Job postings must include location and submission deadlines. The email version of the newsletter will include the title, organization, location, deadline and a brief description with a link to the full posting on our website. We strongly encourage the inclusion of salary information in job postings.
  • For all of the above, we recommend submitting a brief description with a link to a website or an email address where people can obtain more detailed information.

Letters to the Editor, Comings & Goings, and Other Occasional Columns

  • We welcome your comments on anything we publish. Send your letters to
  • We are particularly interested in your feedback on our feature articles: did we miss a relevant program, a resource, a point of view?
  • While we can't guarantee that your letter will be featured we do promise that all our correspondents be asked for permission before we post.
  • You can also say farewell to old colleagues and welcome new ones. We gather your news and compile a monthly round up of who's who and who's where in our Comings & Goings column. Email your news to
  • We occasionally compile special columns that collect web resources on such issues as SARS, West Nile, and elections. If you have an idea for such a column, let us know at
  • There is no submission deadline for these special items.

Feature Articles and Resources

  • Feature articles should be approximately 1,000 to 2,000 words and should include an introduction or overview of the issue (including the writer's perspective or context); steps, process or key points; an example or tips for practical application; a conclusion or next steps; and references.
  • Articles should be accompanied by key resources for further investigation. The resources can be, for example, organizations, print or electronic articles, journals, websites, listservs or events, and we recommend including about three of each type. Please provide a comment, review or annotation about each resource.
  • Please allow up to six weeks for a response from our very part-time editorial team.
  • Please consult with our features editor about your feature idea.

Reprinting and Payment

  • The OHPE Bulletin permits reprints--electronic and print--as long as both the author and the OHPE are credited.
  • We regret that we are unable to pay our contributors.

More Questions?

  • All past issues of the OHPE Bulletin are available in our searchable archive at; have a look at what we've published in the past.
  • Contact us at or call us at 416-408-2249 or toll free at 1(800) 397-9567.