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 The new (in 2003) National Consortium for Best Practices for Integrated Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion is establishing and maintaining an observatory of best practices.

The Oral Complications of Cancer Therapy--The Clinical Information Needs of Ontario Dental Practitioners

Type of Resource: Report
Source: Ontario Dentist Nov 2001
Author: Gagliardi, A., Abate, R.

The Dental Health Status of Dialysis Patients

Type of Resource: Article
Source: Journal of the Canadian Dental Association, January 2002, Vol. 68, No. 1
Author: Klassen, J., Krasko, B.

Final Report of the Access to Care Working Group

Type of Resource: Report
Source: Ontario Dental Association 2000
Author: Ontario Dental Association

Access to Oral Health Services - The Stories and Actions in Two Cities

I Introduction

II Key Findings From the Literature - The Access Statistics

III A Story of Oral Health Access

IV Can Supply of Oral Health Professionals and Community Services Meet Demand?

V The Key Issues

VI What Happens Now? Next Steps in Hamilton and Toronto

VII References

- compiled by Alison Stirling, Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse and OHPE team member, from the Review of Dental and Oral Health Needs of Special Populations in Hamilton (Ernest Jodoin, Hamilton District Health Council) and Who has Access? A report of the Toronto Dental Coalition (Lorraine Purdon, Toronto Oral Health Coalition)

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