Evidence Based Decision-Making

Benchmarking as a Tool for Public Health and Health Promotion

A. The Process of Benchmarking
B. Benefits and Challenges of Benchmarking
C. Types of Benchmarking
D. Steps in the Benchmarking Process
E. Benchmarking in the Real World
F. Conclusions



Benchmarking Tool Kit: A Blueprint for Public Health Practice

Type of Resource: Report
Source: (1998)Middlesex-London and Ottawa-Carleton Public Health Research, Education & Development (PHRED) Programs.
Author: Sales, P.D., & Stewart, P.J.

Practical Benchmarking: The Complete Guide

Type of Resource: Book
Source: (1994) London: Chapman & Hall.
Author: Zairi, M., & Leonard, P.

Benchmarking: A practitioner's guide for becoming and staying best of the best.

Type of Resource: Book
Source: (1998). Schaumburg, Illinois: QPMA Press.
Author: Balm, G.J.

Achieving "best practice" in health promotion: improving the fit between research and practice

Type of Resource: Article
Source: Health Education Research, Vol 11. No. 3, 1996, 317-326
Author: Nutbeam, D.

Developing an Evidence Based Guide to Community Preventive Services - Methods

Type of Resource: Article
Source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2000, 18:1(Supplement 1), 35-43
Author: Briss, P. et al.

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