Evidence Based Decision-Making

Linking Science and Practice: Toward a System for Enabling Communities to Adopt Best Practices for Chronic Disease Prevention.

Type of Resource: Article
Source: Health Promotion Practice, January 2001, Vol 2, No.1, 35-42. Sage Publications, Inc.
Author: Cameron R. et al.

Review of Nutrition Interventions for Cancer Prevention

Type of Resource: Report
Source: Cancer Care Ontario Prevention Unit
Author: Ms. Tina Sahay, Dr. Irving Rootman, Dr. Fredrick Ashbury

An Approach to the Development of Practice Guidelines for Community Health Interventions

Type of Resource: Article
Source: Canadian Journal of Public Health, Vol 85, Supplement 1, S8-S13
Author: Gyorkos, R.W. et al.

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The Question of Evidence in Health Promotion

Type of Resource: Article
Source: Health Promotion International, Oxford University Press 2000
Author: Raphael, Dennis

The Prevention Dividend Project: Thinking with Clarity, Investing with Vision

A. Introduction

B. The Challenge

C. Findings to date

D. Moving Forward

E. Economic Assessment and Prevention Effectiveness

F. For More Information

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