Evidence Based Decision-Making

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Linking Results to Public Debate

Type of Resource: Report
Source: #2 in New Directions Reports - Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) 1998
Author: John English & Evert Lindquist

Challenge to Youth

Challenge to Youth has several videos on its website that are presented in RealMedia (downloadable) format in both French and English. Teens talk about their experiences such as with losing a parent to cancer due to smoking.

Medical scientists and health news reporting: a case of miscommunication. [Review] [67 refs]

Type of Resource: Article
Source: Annals of Internal Medicine, 126(12), 976-982.
Author: Shuchman, M., & Wilkes, M. (1997)

Men's health concerns sourcebook

Type of Resource: Book
Source: Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics
Author: Cook, A. (Ed.) (1998)

Ethics: the heart of health care

Type of Resource: Book
Source: 2nd Ed. Toronto: John Wiley & Sons.
Author: Seedhouse, D. (1998)

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