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Values & Assumptions

WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY? LETS, Charitable Giving, Investing and Income


A. Introduction

B. The LETS story - Local Currencies Help Community Happen

C. Do Canadians Give Their Money and Time Away?

D. Who is Giving of Themselves - the 'limits' of charity?

E. Socially Responsible Investing - another use for your money?

F. A Last Provocative Challenge On Income And Being 'Cost-Effective'

G. References

- submitted by Alison Stirling,

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Application of the Ottawa Charter to Shape Health Promotion Practice


"Poetic in it's Simplicity"...

A. Introduction

B. A "Charter-based" approach to program planning: The Ottawa-Carleton Health Unit Experience.

C. Good work if you can get it.... the 'health promoting' job description.

D. Conclusion

E. References

By Brian Hyndman, consultant at The Health Communication Unit e-mail with assistance from Alison Stirling of OPC.

Midlife Health for Women and Men


A. Introduction

B. The Midlife Passage

C. How to Die Young... But As Late As Possible

D. An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

E. Looking Ahead


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