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Values & Assumptions

In The News This Week! Poverty & Health - in Global arena (WTO), National (child poverty), Provincial (budget cuts) and Local (Toronto)


A. Introduction - Key Issues discussed in CLICK4HP list-serv

B. On The Global Trade Table - Canada's Health System at the WTO

C. National - Child Poverty Call To Action Nov 24/99

D. Provincial - The Poverty Situation Worse in Ontario

Public Health watches costs for a family food basket

E. Toronto and Poverty - Paradigms, Politics, and Principles

Corporate Sponsorship for Health Promotion Events and Programs


A - Introduction

B - What is corporate sponsorship?

C - Issues to consider

D - What corporate sponsors are looking for?

E - Researching prospective sponsors

F - The sponsorship proposal

G - Closing the deal

H - Nurturing the relationship

I - Conclusion

J - References

The Competition for Online Community



A. Community Organizing & e-Commerce

B. The Business Case for Online Communities

C. Building An Online Community for Health Promotion

D. Commercial Models of Online Communities - Broad Public to Specific Populations of Interest

E. Implications for Health Promotion


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