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Addressing Health Issues of the Homeless


A. Addressing The Health Issues Of Chronically Homeless Individuals In Ottawa
i. The Ottawa Inner City Health Project
ii. Sustainability
iii. Contacts

B. Services For Homeless People In The City Of Toronto (Backgrounder)
Toronto's Extreme Weather Response Plan for People at Risk
Homeless Health Reference Group


The Emergency Declaration of Homelessness as a National Disaster - The ONE PERCENT SOLUTION


A. Introduction on the One Percent Solution from Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

B. Letter on the Letter Writing Campaign, from Cathy Crowe, R.N.

C. Background on A National Housing Strategy

D. Background on Homelessness

E. How to Write Your Letter

F. Implications for all levels of government as stated in the Golden Report

Homelessness & Advocacy for National Action


A. Homelessness - A National Disaster - announcement
B. Advocating for Change - Lessons from a Campaign
i) The Urgent Situation
ii) The Challenge
iii) Getting Organized
iv) Strategizing
.v) Communicating - using all channels
vi) Targeting Supportive Organizations
vii) Broadening the Appeal
viii) Getting The Snowball Effect
ix) The Facilitator Role - Lessons for Organizers
x) Media Advocacy - Press Strategy


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