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Next week's OHPE bulletin will address "Healthy Environments". Through this issue, we hope to highlight some recent initiatives, issues and resources related to environmental health. Events and announcements relating to this or any other HP topic are welcome.


New report on health issues


Health Care Unravelling in Ontario: Access Worse, Quality Down, User Fees Up, People More Fearful - New Report Says

Health care in Ontario is unravelling, with people finding it harder to access services, the quality of care spiralling downhill and more costs being off-loaded onto patients, says a report released today by the Caledon Institute. The report, "Costs, Closures and Confusion: People in Ontario Talk About Health Care", by Kate Bezanson and Louise Noce with the assistance of the Speaking Out team, was based on in-depth, repeated interviews conducted since January 1997 with households across Ontario.

The report contains analysis of different health policies (funding, hospital restructuring, closures and bed closures, long-term care). It is available at

The Speaking Out project was launched in Spring 1997 to document the impact of tax, spending and policy changes in Ontario. The project is conducting in-depth interviews with 40 households, comprising 124 people, approximately every six months. This is the fourth report. Speaking Out is a project of The Caledon Institute of Social Policy, with funding from The Atkinson Charitable Foundation.

For more information please contact:

Susan McMurray, Project Manager

Caledon Institute of Social Policy, Speaking Out Project

42 Charles St. E., Toronto, Ontario, M4T 1Y4

Tel (416) 928-3362 ext. 4205


Translated Material in Health Care


This project arose from the work of 22 health organizations in BC. The website ( ) includes guidelines for translating materials and for assessing translated materials. The website also includes translated materials from participating agencies; brochures in 10 different languages; about 100 brochures on a range of health care topics = materials for health care providers and for consumers.

OPHA: New, updated and improved web site


OPHA has a new, updated and improved web site and a new calling card. After months of preparation, the new OPHA web site is ready to be explored. It can be found at The purpose of updating the web site was not only to update information, but also to make our site more interactive. New features include an on-line feedback form so you can make any comments you like and click on a button to instantly send it to OPHA. The public health 411 feature is designed to be the leading contact point for people in community and public health. If you want to add yourself to the list, do so by following the simple instructions. Another section, public health 401, will list leading web sites with web links around the world. It will be added to regularly, so check it out and let us know what you think!

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