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Happy Canada Day! Next week, the OHPE feature by Brian Hyndman of The Health Communication Unit will address the complementary roles of community development and health communication. Topics of upcoming bulletins include environmental health, as well as gay/lesbian/bisexual youth and HIV.


Funding Opportunity: Canadian Tobacco Research Initiative


deadline for applications: September 1, 1999

The Canadian Tobacco Research Initiative (CTRI) aims to support and develop

a closer relationship between researchers, those responsible for

program/policy development, and those who implement program/policy changes.

CTRI aims to support this relationship so that a) more research is done in

tobacco control; b) more of the research that is done is directly relevant

to program and policy; and c) research results are used more systematically

to inform tobacco control programs and policies.

In the first phase of CTRI, Planning Grants are being made available to

programmers, policy experts and researchers in tobacco control. In the

first round of competition (deadline March 1, 1999), six grants were

awarded. A second round of applications is now invited. Grants of up to

$30,000 are being offered to research teams that are multisectoral and

multidisciplinary. Grants will support the development of proposals for

highly relevant research in tobacco control, for ultimate submission to

traditional research funding sources. Applications are invited from

researchers as well as from experts in program/policy development.

Planning Grants are intended to defray the costs of preparing quality

proposals that will score high in both relevance and scientific merit.

Planning Grants will cover costs associated with recruitment and

communication among team members, pilot study/feasibility work necessary to

submit a compelling full proposal, as well as other costs that can be


The Planning Grants component of the CTRI is being managed by the National

Cancer Institute of Canada, which, in partnership with the Social Sciences

and Humanities Research Council, is making approximately $150,000 available

to support investigators in the development of strong grant proposals in

tobacco control research.

Instructions and an application form are available on the website of the

National Cancer Institute of Canada , or by

contacting the Research Programs Department, National Cancer Institute of

Canada, 10 Alcorn Ave., Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario, M4V 3B1, Tel

(416)961-7223, E-mail [email protected]. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FORMS HAVE


New HP Websites


**Centre for Social Marketing at the University of Strathclyde


Country of Origin: United Kingdom - Scotland

The Centre for Social Marketing at the University of Strathclyde studies the

social issues of marketing and the marketing of social issues, and, in

particular, health promotion issues, has a new website. This website

includes information about the Centre and it's work.

Some of the ongoing Research Projects described on the site:

* An Investigation into Smoking Cessation in Disadvantaged Communities

* The Development and Evaluation of NE Choices: A Multi-component drugs

prevention programme in Northumbria

* Tobacco Marketing and Young People

* Evaluation of the Scottish Healthy Choices Award Scheme

**Smart Library on Urban Poverty


Country of Origin: United States of America

Author:National Institute of Social Sciences Information

The Smart Library on Urban Poverty contains information, articles and

research on urban poverty. The website aims to answer thousands of questions

about poverty, its causes and how to fight it, from the most important

scholarly work .

**Food and Nutrition on the Web


Country of Origin: Canada

Author:Jean Fremont, RD, School of Kinesiology Simon Fraser University

"Food and Nutrition on the Web - Finding the Right Stuff" is a guide for

health professionals, educators and the public. The website contains

information about and links to scientific nutrition information, special

dietary needs, food science, food safety and more.

These websites were selected from the HPiC Website News bulletin. HPiC is

the Health Promotion Information Centre at the Health Education Authority,

London, UK

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