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This week's feature by Brian Hyndman of The Health Communication Unit deals with the complementary nature of health communication and community mobilization as health promotion strategies. Our next OHPE feature (July 23) comes from Nita Chaudhuri of the South Riverdale Community Health Centre, who will describe her work in environmental health promotion.


International Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Day


International FAS Day 1999 9/9 9:09

In one magic minute, we can change the world!

Our goal is that in each time zone, at 9:09 a.m., this last September in the old Millennium, people stop for a Minute of Reflection about the invisible plague called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. We would like school children, parents at home, people at work, and radio and TV stations to take one minute to remember that during the nine months of pregnancy, or while breastfeeding or planning to conceive, a woman should not consume alcohol.

Communications Infrastructure Development Grants: CALL FOR PROPOSALS


deadline for proposals: September 1, 1999

from the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

The purpose of this one-time Development Fund is to encourage research teams, centres, institutes, universities, and other independent research organizations doing health services research relevant to managers and policy makers to develop a communications infrastructure. The fund will provide 10-12 grants of up to $20,000 each to support one-time development costs of communications infrastructures designed to improve the dissemination of current and future health services research to managers and policy makers.

The Foundation invites three-page proposals from the health services research community to develop and evaluate the use and/or impact of broadly applicable communications infrastructure such as:

- web sites to increase decision makers' access to health services research;

- bulletin boards to connect researchers with decision makers in the health services domain

- targeted mailing lists

- capacity to edit research reports

- capacity to translate plain languge research summaries from one language to another

- training researchers or staff to better communicate results

- needs assessments

- comprehensive regional or national inventories

- design and facilitation of organization-wide structures for communication

- etc.

For guidelines and format of proposals - see CHSRF web-site:

Funds available: October 18, 1999

Proposals should be submitted to:

Communications and Uptake

Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

11 Holland Ave, Suite 301 Ottawa, ON K1Y 4S1

Telephone: (613) 728-2238

Inquiries (after July 5, 1999) may be addressed to:

Patricia Lemay, Manager, Communications and Uptake at (613) 728-2238 or


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