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OHPE #119.2 8/20/99

The following is a list of resources relating to Gay, Lesbian and and Bisexual Youth. For a comprehensive list of resources related to HIV/AIDS see OHPE #82.2, November 27, 1998, which is available in the OHPE archives.

The print resources list was provided by Dino Paoletti of CTYS. Please see OHPE #119.1 for Dino



Volunteer Opportunity: Eviction Prevention Early Intervention Project


There are approximately 400 households in the Toronto area being served with eviction notices per week. Many of these tenants need help. The Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA) is undertaking an eviction prevention project where they will make the initial contact to inform the tenants of their rights to dispute the notice of eviction (tenants have only five days to respond in writing to the Tribunal). Tenants will also be referred to the appropriate agency if they need a number of specific services such as legal representation, interpretation, counselling, etc.

In addition to informing the tenants of their rights and options for referral, information will be gathered to paint a clearer picture of the history of the specific eviction. Research results may help with prevention efforts in the future.

Skilled volunteers are needed to make some of those initial contacts with people facing eviction. Volunteers will be provided with training and resource materials, but should have the following qualifications:

* Excellent telephone manner

* Ease reading relatively complex documents and communicating the content in plain language

* Comfortable dealing with people who are experiencing stressful situations

* General knowledge of housing issues and social services

* Able to work independently

* Able to commit to at least ten "telephone shifts" over the course of the project (three months)

Fluency in languages other than English would be an asset, particularly Somali, Tamil, Cantonese, Spanish.

Training sessions will take place on August 31 and Sept 1

Please call Jennifer Ramsay at 944-0087x23 for more information or to arrange for an interview.

For more information about CERA visit:

Developing Services for HIV+ Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Youth


A. Summary

B. Agency Description

C. Research Background

D. Research Description

E. Research Objectives

F. Results: (Preliminary)

G. Recommendations


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