National Collaborating Centres for Public Health in Canada

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National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health supports Aboriginal communities across Canada in realizing their health goals and reducing the health inequities that currently exist for Aboriginal people.

National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health (NCCDH) promotes social justice and health for all at

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Heart and Stroke Foundation works in the areas of cardiovascular research and its application, promotion of healthy living, and advocacy. Its website includes a variety of resources including Shaping Active, Healthy Communities – A Heart and Stroke Foundation built environment toolkit for change available at  The Heart and Stroke position statement on the built environment is available at

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Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre helps injury prevention practitioners reduce injury in Ontario. The Economic Burden of Injury in Canada, SMARTRISK report is available on the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre website at

Canadian Institute for Health Information

Canadian Institute for Health Information is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides essential data and analysis on Canada’s health system and the health of Canadians. CIHI tracks data in many areas, thanks to information supplied by hospitals, regional health authorities, medical practitioners and governments. Other sources provide further data to help inform CIHI’s in-depth analytic reports. The CIHI website includes research and reports, data and standards at

Ontario Rural Council

The Ontario Rural Council acts as a catalyst for rural dialogue, collaboration, action and advocacy, and offers a vital venue for the province's collective rural voice. Individually, each of TORC’s members shares a commitment to healthy, vibrant rural communities, businesses and organizations. Collectively, it identifies and discusses complex rural issues through a collaborative approach that ultimately serves to strengthen the rural voice in Ontario and communicates to the province's policy- and decision-makers.

Gateway Rural Health Research Institute

The Gateway Rural Health Research Institute is the brainchild of a group of residents and healthcare professionals in a rural Ontario community in Huron County who propose to create a centre to research healthcare issues in rural populations, the first community-driven rural research centre in Canada. Most of healthcare-related research conducted in Canada and elsewhere is based on results of surveys taken of test populations close to large urban medical centres of learning or practice, with projections of results for rural sector populations.

NYU Steinhardt, Steindardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development Integrated Marketing Communication in collaboration with the World Health Organization

The website for the school includes curriculum information and information about Integrated Marketing Communication for Behavioral Impact (IMC/COMBI) in health and social development.

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