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Related Print Publications by Dr. L. Green, et al.


Green LW, & Glasgow R. Evaluating the relevance, generalization, and applicability of research: Issues in external validation and translation methodology. Evaluation & the Health Professions 2006; 29(1): 126-153.

Green, L.W.  Public health asks of systems science: To advance our evidence-based practice, can you help us get more practice-based evidence? American Journal of
Public Health 96(3): 406-409, Mar. 2006.

Recent Articles in Alcohol Research


The following are key references selected from the paper from which OHPE 503's feature article is drawn.

Babor,T., Caetano,R., Casswell,S., Edwards,G., Giesbrecht,N., Graham,K., Grube,J., Grunewald,P., Hill,L., Holder,H., Homel,R., Osterberg,E., Rehm,J., Room,R., & Rossow,I. (2003).  Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity - Research and Public Policy.  Oxford and London:  Oxford University Press.


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