Educational Opportunities Related to Feature 676

Overview of New Media Workshop

The Health Communication Unit, in partnership with Health Nexus, developed a workshop to explore social media and discuss information and ideas about a wide range of social media tools. These tools can help make health promotion work more effective, easier, and possibly even more fun including blogs, wikis, YouTube, Face book, instant messaging, Survey Monkey, online conferencing or Google's wide array of online tools.

Health Fairs at Ontario Health Units

Many public health units in Ontario offer Prenatal and Child Health Fairs on a regular basis.

Examples are:






Past NCCPH Events

Early Child Development Forum: Exploring the Contribution of Public Health Home Visiting explored effective strategies for public health home visits. The forum held in Saskatoon in October, 2008, was the first of its kind and was attended by 120 participants from across Canada. More information at http://www.nccdh.ca/work/homevisitforum.html.

Self-Help Awareness Week in Ontario

This event, occurring annually in the last week of September, is supported by the Ontario Self-Help Network. The week’s events focus on promoting the self-help philosophy, and includes conducting workshops and holding the annual general meeting for the Self-Help Resource Centre. For information or to register for events, call (416) 487-4355 or 1-888-283-8806 or visit http://www.selfhelp.on.ca.

Resources and Tips for Recruiting Bilingual Employees (Related to Feature 582)

The following simple strategies are excerpted from the tip sheet
"Recruiting bilingual employees" found on Heritage Canada's website

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