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Research Day 2001, Centre for Health Promotion Studies, University of Alberta


The Centre for Health Promotion Studies will be hosting Research Day 2001 on June 15th at the University of Alberta. The theme for this day-long event is Promoting Health Through Citizen Participation: Finding a Meaningful Role. The keynote address will be delivered by Dr. Marcia Hills, Professor, School of Nursing; Director, Community Health Promotion Coalition; University of Victoria.

For more information, please see the News page of our web site

Cultural Competency and Health Care Forum


Speaker: 12.00-1.00 p.m.

Displays: 11.30 a.m.-1.30p.m.

Main Auditorium, East Wing 1, Rm 544, Toronto Western Hospital

Presented by the Workplace Diversity Program of the University Health Network and Toronto Western Hospital's Healthy Connections Program.

Speaker: Ralph Masi, MD, CCFP, FCFP, (Founding President of the Canadian Council on Multicultural Health), 'Cross Cultural Care: Defining Cultural Competency'

RFP: Current Abstracts in Heart Health and Nutrition


The Heart Health Resource Centre (HHRC) and the Nutrition Resource Centre (NRC) are accepting proposals for the compilation and review of "Current Abstracts in Heart Health and Nutrition."

Background Information:

The Heart Health Resource Centre provides support to Ontario communities who are part of the Ontario Heart Health Program and implementing, planning, delivering and/or evaluating comprehensive community-based heart health prevention programs. The Nutrition Resource Centre is committed to increasing the capacity of nutrition practitioners in communities across Ontario to implement nutrition programs and strategies in a health promotion context. Nutrition is one of the key risk factors in the development of several major chronic diseases. As such, the promotion of healthy eating represents an important strategy in chronic disease prevention programming, including heart health promotion. Given the strong relationship between heart health and nutrition, and the cross over between audiences of these documents, the HHRC and NRC have developed joint publications of current abstracts in heart health and nutrition. it has been determined that a joint effort in this regard is appropriate.

The HHRC and NRC are requesting proposals for the compilation and review of the next two volumes of Current Abstracts in Heart Health and Nutrition:

* July, 2001 (including abstracts from November 2000 - April 2001)

* January 2002 (including abstracts from May 2001 - October 2001)

The intent of this project is to assist those involved in community level heart health, chronic disease and nutrition promotion programming by providing current information from the available literature. The audience will primarily be community health professionals working in public health and community health centres in Ontario. To ensure that the abstracts selected are useful and practical, a review process is required whereby a committee of practitioners in the field prioritizes those abstracts which are the most relevant and should be included. Current Abstracts in Heart Health and Nutrition is a collaborative effort of the HHRC and the NRC and should make use of existing frameworks that both organizations use.

The HHRC and NRC have established protocols for

* Journals to be reviewed

* Community reviewer selection

* Format and publication layout

It is desirable that these existing protocols continue to be followed for the next volumes of Current Abstracts.

Components of Proposal:

At this time, the HHRC and NRC are inviting proposals which will include

* Proposed plan for coordination and development of two volumes of Current Abstracts in Heart Health and Nutrition

* Outline of Literature Review Process

* Coordination of review process using field reviewers

* Timeline for development and completion of document

* Cost for the project including the deliverables as outlined.


The deliverables for this project are:

* Electronic copies of two volumes of Current Abstracts in Heart Health and Nutrition in Word or WordPerfect

* One hard copy of each volume of Current Abstracts in the specified format

* Completed copyright permission forms for selected journal articles

* One copy of every journal article included in each volume

Proposals should be submitted on or before May 23, 2001 to

Colleen Logue

Manager, Nutrition Resource Centre

Ontario Public Health Association

468 Queen St. East, Suite 202

Toronto, ON M5A 1T7

Fax: 416-367-2844

For further information call 416-367-3313, ext. 25 or 1-800-267-6817

Centre for Health Promotion News


I am very pleased to report on two significant developments that will provide continuity of leadership upon Dr. Irv Rootman completing his second (and final) term as Director of the Centre for Health Promotion on June 30, 2001.

First, Dr. Suzanne Jackson will assume the role of Acting Director of the Centre for Health Promotion for a one year term (1 July 2001 - 30 June 2002). Suzanne has broad experience in the health promotion field and has been actively involved with the Centre since 1993. Also, Dr. Michael Goodstadt will continue his role as Associate Director.

Second, Dr. Ilze Kalnins will chair a special Task Force that will review issues and options for sustaining the Centre. Ilze is a senior professor in Public Health Sciences with an international reputation for her work on children's health and health promotion. She is a member of the Centre's Advisory Board. Suzanne Jackson will be a member of the Task Force.

Both of these developments will assure a strong foundation and future for the Centre. I want to thank Suzanne and Ilze for taking on these leadership roles.

Harvey Skinner, Chair, Department of Public Health Sciences,

Canadian Subsidy Directory Year 2001 Edition


Legal Deposit-National Library of Canada

ISBN 2-922870-01-4......................$ 49,95

M.G. Publishing is offering to the public a revised edition of the Canadian Subsidy Directory, a guide containing more than 1700 direct and indirect financial subsidies, grants and loans offered by government departments and agencies, foundations, associations and organizations. In this new 2001 edition all programs are well described.

The Canadian Subsidy Directory is the most comprehensive tool to start up a business, improve existent activities, set up a business plan, or obtain assistance from experts in fields such as: Industry, transport, agriculture, communications, municipal infrastructure, education, import-export, labor, construction and renovation, the service sector, hi-tech industries, research and development, joint ventures, arts, cinema, theatre, music and recording industry, the self employed, contests, and new talents. Assistance from and for foundations and associations, guidance to prepare a business plan, market surveys, computers, and much more!

To obtain the Canadian Subsidy Directory or for further information please call 1-800-301-8093.

New Report Links Income Gap and Racism


The Centre for Social Justice is pleased to announce the release today of "Canada's Creeping Economic Apartheid" by Grace-Edward Galabuzi. This report is a ground-breaking study with new, never before published data on the growing economic racial divide in today's Canada. The full report of 130 pages is available in PDF at or directly at

For further information contact John Anderson, Senior Researcher, at 416-927-0777 ext. 228.

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