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Welcome back to school and work! By now you should have received our OHPE bulletin evaluation survey. Please take the time to fill it out - we value your thoughts about the bulletin. The more responses we get, the better able we are to meet your needs. Remember, there are three ways to complete the survey:

1. Go to and fill out the survey electronically.

2. Hit the reply button and insert your responses into the questionnaire. We have found that this does not work for some email programs. If this is the case for you, please use options 1 or 3 or copy the survey text into a new email and send the email to

3. Print off a copy of the survey, fill it out and fax to Adam Spencer at (905) 771-7974.

If you have not received the survey or require any assistance with this survey, please call Adam Spencer at (905) 771- 8231 ext 204 or email or call Alison Stirling at 1-800-263-2846 ext 226.

Thanks for your help!


Breast Cancer Project Grant and Fellowships Competition


The Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is pleased to announce its 3rd Annual Project Grant and Fellowships Competition to support activities which fulfill the mission and objectives of CBCF in the areas of breast cancer research and breast health.

All Project Grant and Fellowship applications will be reviewed by the Review Panel of the Chapter's Professional Advisory Committee during November and December 2001. Applicants will be notified of the results in writing in February 2002 following Ontario Chapter Board approval.

Application forms and guidelines are available on our website, Click on the Ontario Chapter sub site and then look under section "Funding Criteria" or contact Vilma Fernandes, Ontario Chapter Executive Assistant, via phone at 416-596-6773 or 1-800-387-9816, extn. 400, or via e-mail at The deadline for receiving applications is November 2, 2001.

Call for Community, Francophone & Aboriginal Proposals



The government is calling for local community proposals and proposals from Francophone and Aboriginal populations to the Early Years Challenge Fund. As part of its overall Early Years Plan, the government is helping communities develop and sustain local Early Years Plans that will meet children's early learning needs during the most critical time in their development, from the prenatal stages to age six.

The fund will match contributions from the charitable, voluntary and

business sectors to support local programs that help parents give their

children the best possible start in life.

Our vision is that children will receive the stimulation, nurturing and care they need to prepare them for school and a lifetime of learning. As well, we hope parents and caregivers will receive the support and knowledge they need to provide a safe and caring environment for their children.

Take up this challenge and help turn our vision for children into reality.

This is an opportunity to be creative and design innovative programs and activities that best serve the needs of children and families in

communities. All early years projects will reflect the following principles:

* Provide or enhance front-line services

* Be available, affordable and accessible for all young children and


* Be child-oriented and parent-oriented

* Provide learning experiences and settings for children to take part in problem-solving activities with other children and nurturing adults

* Respect diverse cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds

* Provide supports for children with physical, developmental, language,

learning or behavioural difficulties so they can participate in early

learning activities

* Be staffed by professionals trained to identify children with special


* Make a special effort to engage families who need encouragement

* Link to the school system and/or library, recreation and cultural


* Offer programs on parent education

Community Proposals:

The Early Years Challenge Fund will fund community initiatives that have a direct impact on local services and meet the unique needs of the community.

Aboriginal Proposals:

The Early Years Challenge Fund will fund proposals that meet the needs of Aboriginal children in Ontario. A special funding envelope is dedicated to Aboriginal, First Nations and M

"Who Can Survive the 'Drug' Game?- Planning for Drug Awareness Week, 2001"


The Toronto Drug Awareness Coalition presents its final Forum for service providers for 2001.

"Who Can Survive the "Drug" Game?- Planning for Drug Awareness Week, 2001" - offering ideas, resources and support for community groups who want to link with Drug Awareness Week, November 18-24

When: October 4, with 9:30 registration, till 2:00. Includes light lunch.

Where: North York Central Library Auditorium, 2nd Floor, 5100 Yonge Street, just north of Mel Lastman Square


Associated Medical Services Community Fellowships


Associated Medical Services Inc., an Ontario based charity and granting

agency, provides Community Fellowships for individuals interested in

building and/or sustaining community-medical education program partnerships.

The deadline for applications is 1 October 2001.

The Fellowships are open to those involved in, or with, community-based

groups and agencies. For the guidelines and application forms see the

AMS/Wilson Community Fellowships link on the Education Program page on

Hard copies will be forwarded on request to:

Geoff Hudson

Programs Director

Associated Medical Services Inc.

14 Prince Arthur Avenue, Suite 101

Toronto, ON, M5R 1A9

Tel. 416 924 3368

Fax 416 323 3338


website: http:/

How to avoid alcohol related problems at your Christmas Party


Last February, Linda Hunt successfully sued her boss Sutton Realty for damages after she crashed her car driving home drunk from the office Christmas Party. The story generated a lot of talk about who was right, who was wrong, who was responsible and who should be responsible. The big question people are asking now, as they start to think about and plan for this year's Christmas party is "How can I make sure this doesn't happen to me?"


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