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This week we feature an article on logic models by Sharon Kirkpatrick, a graduate student in Community Nutrition at the University of Toronto. This is the second in a series based on workshops and presentations at the Health Promotion Summer School. Visit our archives ( to read her debut article, Benchmarking as a Tool for Public Health and Health Promotion, in OHPE 223.1.


Call for Letters of Intent: Walkerton Health Study: Researching the Health Effects of the Contaminated Water Outbreak


[This posting has been edited for length. For the full posting, including background, adjudication criteria, conditions of funding and performance measurement and evaluation, please contact Arlene Richards at the address below.]

Research Priorities

The Walkerton Health Study Steering Committee requests applications for funding from investigators who wish to undertake patient, family or population-based, quantitative or qualitative studies or basic biomedical research into one or more of the following areas:

1. Health outcomes: physical, emotional and psychosocial outcomes of the Walkerton community including immunological, reproductive and genetic effects and effects specific to E. coli O157:H7, Campylobacter and other water contaminants.

2. Epidemiology of disease in individuals and communities exposed to contaminated water: risk factors for immediate and delayed signs of disease, (including studies designed to provide ongoing population-based monitoring for both the risk factors and signs of disease).

3. Water safety: current and future water quality, with particular attention to the role of chemical additives to water systems (e.g. chlorine). The health impact of pharmaceutical agents used to treat people affected by water contamination in Walkerton and other similarly affected communities.

4. Communication: role and effectiveness of communication during and after community crises of this nature. Funding will be provided for these projects on a one-time only basis. Up to $5 million is available to support this RFP from a fund specifically allocated by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to support research into areas of concern to the Walkerton community. Requests for co-funding of proposed or ongoing studies are encouraged. Researchers are free to submit their projects to other funding sources for alternative and /or supplementary funding.

Application Process

The 2-stage application process will consist of

a. A letter of intent to conduct research, describing goals and objectives of the research and, in particular, how the project will comply with the community values. Letters of intent will be reviewed and, if judged to possess a high potential for meeting the four criteria, potential researchers will be encouraged to submit a full application. This will have three components:

1. A full description of the proposed project, addressing in detail the criteria listed above (from the candidates selected to proceed based on review of the letters of intent)

2. A detailed justification of the budget requested (to be submitted with the full proposal if invited after review of the letters of intent)

3. The CVs of the principal and co-applicants.

Deadline for applications is midnight, November 5th, 2001. Eight copies are required. Requests for extension of the deadline will be considered if received in writing by the Walkerton Health Study Steering Committee before November 1st , 2001.

Applications are to be submitted to the Walkerton Health Study Steering Committee to the attention of Arlene Richards at the address below. Electronic or paper submissions are acceptable. Prior to submitting electronic applications, please check with Arlene Richards to ensure that the electronic documents will be readable by the Walkerton Health Study information systems.

The Walkerton Health Study Steering Committee (a community group) will review applications for compliance with community values, relevancy to the community and then subsequently by a technical review committee which includes both community members and researchers with specific expertise in the proposed study subject. The membership of the reviewing committees will be published on the Walkerton Health Study website (address to be announced).

Applicants will be notified of the review outcome of letters of intent and will be invited to participate further by December 5th, 2001. The full proposals will be due from specifically invited candidates by January 25th, 2002 with funding to begin as soon as possible thereafter.

For further information or enquiries, please contact

Arlene Richards

Project Co-ordinator

Walkerton Health Study Steering Committee

P. O. Box 1300

Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0


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