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November edition of PrenatalEd Update


The November edition of PrenatalEd Update is now available online at This months edition of PrenatalEd Update features 7 new articles and 2 more sites worth a visit.

Come see the full articles regarding :Prenatal Ed Poll: Lack of information: A barrier to effective parenting?, Domestic Violence: Fact Alert for prenatal care providers & home visitors, Family Leave Law: Not working for most new parents, Health Education in the 21st Century, Immigrant families wary of public assistance, Women in OB, Smoking and infertility

Lisa Nixon

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Board Members Wanted for the Canadian Women


The Canadian Women's Health Network (CWHN) is a national bilingual organization guided by a women-centred, holistic vision of women's health. The CWHN

* promotes the advancement of the health of girls and women in Canada;

* provides access to information and resources related to women's health and health status;

* supports critical debate; and

* facilitates networking.

We are seeking individuals from across Canada to become members of our governing Board. Board members are expected to support the principles and values of the CWHN mission statement. Board members serve 2 year (renewable) terms. Most Board and committee meetings are carried out by teleconference; most other work is done by email. This is not a salaried position, but approved direct expenses related to the position are reimbursed.


* Interest and experience in women's health and health care;

* Experience and/or interest in the governance of a national voluntary health organization;

* Ability to reflect women's health issues from the perspective of a broad and diverse range of communities in an equitable, comprehensive and open manner;

* Ability to contribute 6-12 hours per month to governance and networking activities;

* At least 18 years of age.

Experience in fundraising, law or accounting and with a diversity of women's health issues would be a definite asset. The CWHN takes its equity policies seriously. Aboriginal women, women from visible and language minorities, lesbians and bi-sexual women and women with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply, please forward your resume along with any other relevant details about your qualifications and interests to the Chair of the Nominations Committee (address below). Please provide the names of two character or business references.

Kamal Sehgal

Chair, Nominations Committee

Fax: (204) 989-2355

Applicants will be considered in order that they are received.

For comprehensive information on the Canadian Women's Health Network, including its mission, core principles and values, goals and objectives, please visit the website at, or contact us at

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