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This week's feature "Promoting Healthy Policy Decisions: Can the Focus be Improved?" is an abridged version of a presentation by Brian Hyndman at the Second International Symposium on the Effectiveness of Health Promotion (hosted by the Centre for Health Promotion in May, 2001).

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News from the Toronto Men's Health Network


December 2001 e-Bulletin

1. Father Involvement Project:

In collaboration with Health Canada and the Father Involvement Initiative (Ontario) Network, the Toronto Men's Health Network is creating a city-wide 'Father Involvement Initiative.' The project's mission is to promote the responsible involvement of fathers in the healthy development of their children.

TMHN is currently creating a 'Planning Group' for this project. To join this Planning Group, please email For more information about the Father Involvement Project,

visit link

2. Men's Counselling & Support Project:

Since TMHN started two years ago, we have received hundreds of requests from men, women and community agencies looking for counselling and supportive resources for men to address issues such as depression, childhood abuse, bereavement, relationship stress, unemployment, family breakdown and more. Currently very few community resources exist to deal with these issues for men. TMHN recognizes the devastating impact this has on the health and lives of men, their families and entire communities. The mission of the Men's Counselling & Support Project is to foster the development of accessible counselling and support resources to address the priority health concerns of men in Toronto.

TMHN is currently creating a 'Planning Group' for this project. To join this Planning Group, please email For more information about the Men's Counselling & Support Project, visit

3. TMHN Advisory Group

The TMHN Board of Directors recently held its first annual TMHN advisory Reception.This event gave the TMHN Board an opportunity to outline current organizational and project priorities for 2002. It also provided Advisory members with an opportunity to meet and ask questions about TMHN activities and plans. For more information about the current TMHN Advisory Board, please visit

December 2001 PrenatalEd Update Newsletter


The December 2001 PrenatalEd Update Newsletter is now available online including...

Communication Failures: A report from the 23rd annual Conference on Patient Education. In the keynote address, Charles Inlander, President of the Peoples Medical Society says the most important task of primary care providers is to arm patients with information and skills to make lifestyle changes. But patient education is undervalued ... Zero to Three: 16th National Training Institute: Some of the latest research on early child development

...and more at


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