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Community Development Worker, The Stop



The Stop is a Community Food Centre that provides programs and advocacy to address problems of hunger and inequality in West Toronto ( We are looking for a person who shares our community development philosophy to run a breakfast/morning drop-in program, increase civic awareness and engagement and do outreach to vulnerable communities in Davenport West.


A Commitment to Care: Community Support Services for Seniors


The quality of life for many of Toronto's seniors has deteriorated alarmingly in recent years. United Way's landmark new report, "A Commitment to Care: Community Support Services for Seniors," identifies the causes behind the problem, what United Way is doing to help, and recommendations for improving care. To download this report, visit the United Way of Greater Toronto's web site,

[Source: OHCC November Bulletin,]

New: Multiple Births Single Parent Support Kit


Multiple Births Canada has been working on improving and providing important support literature for multiples and their families. As such, they have created their Multiple Births Single Parent Support Kit. This important support tool contains information for parents, grandparents, counselors and others who may be working with single parents of twins, triplets, or more.

Multiple Births Canada supports each and every family that conceives multiples. Single parenting situations can arise for a number of reasons: divorce, widow/widower, military postings, job demands, or by choice. All single parents will receive support through literature, web site, and appropriate links, contact with others and or support as may be available.

For more information on this kit contact us at You can also visit for more multiples information and support!

Juli Paladino

Director of Communications

Multiple Births Canada/Naissances multiples Canada

Call for Abstracts: Strengthening America Through Health Education and Health Promotion Alliances


You are invited to submit an abstract!

20th National Conference on Health Education and Health Promotion sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Association of State and Territorial Directors of Health Promotion and Public Health Education (ASTDHPPHE)

To submit your abstract visit Health Education Conference On-line Abstract Submission at or or link through the ASTDHPPHE website at

Subtheme areas: Emerging Challenges, Threats, Epidemics, and Opportunities; Health Policy and Environmental Change; Innovative Approaches to Personal Health; and Technology, Media and Communications.

If you have questions please contact

Bobby Abdorlasulnia

University of Alabama at Birmingham

School of Public Health

Tel: (205) 276-5181

[Source: CLICK4HP]

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