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Health Links: the Impact of Care Coordination for Patients with Complex Needs on Hospital Utilization


I Introduction
II Overview
III Methods
IV Results
V Discussion and Conclusion
VI Resources

--Submitted by Meghan O’Leary, MSc, Manager of Primary Health Care and Lead for Salmon River Health Link, Kingston Community Health Centres, and Laurissa Watson, MPH, Research Assistant, Kingston Community Health Centres

I Introduction

Finding Traction in Public Health Ethics: Reflections and Practical Resources

--Submitted by Michael Keeling and Olivier Bellefleur, National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP)

Designed for the long run: Maximizing the effectiveness of mHealth in supporting long-term physical activity change


I Introduction
II mHealth
III Designed for the long run
IV Physical activity and mHealth
V From evidence to practice
VI Designed for everyone?
VII Practical implications
VIII Conclusion

--Submitted by Sophie Rosa, Health Promotion Consultant, Health Promotion Capacity Building, Public Health Ontario

I Introduction

Participatory Evaluation: The case for setting a place for ‘young people’ at the ‘adult’ table


I Introduction
II Principles of Youth Engagement
III Participatory Evaluation Benefits Youth
IV Participatory Data Collection and Analysis
V Facilitators for Participatory Data Collection and Analysis
VI Conclusion

--Submitted by Allison Meserve, Health Promotion Consultant, Health Promotion Capacity Building, Public Health Ontario and Kristy Ste Marie, Acting Manager, YATI & Youth Engagement, Youth Advocacy Training Institute, Ontario Lung Association

I Introduction

Mind the connection: Preventing stroke and dementia

-- Submitted by Dr. Patrice Lindsay and Stephanie Lawrence, Heart and Stroke Foundation

Stroke and dementia — it’s all in our heads

Stroke and dementia have much in common. Both are diseases of the brain. Stroke happens when the blood flow to the brain is interrupted and cells die as a result. Vascular dementia is often a further result of stroke damage, from either larger strokes or smaller ones accumulating over time.

A Summary of Municipal Alcohol Policies and Public Health: A Primer

I Background
II Current landscape: municipal alcohol policies in Ontario
III An eight step model for municipal alcohol policy development
IV Conclusion
V Resources
VI References

-- Submitted by Shawn Prasad, Practicum Student, Health Promotion Capacity Building, Public Health Ontario, and Jason LeMar, Health Promotion Consultant, Health Promotion Capacity Building, Public Health Ontario

I Background

Determinants of Indigenous peoples’ health and well-being: Featured publications from the National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health


I Introduction
II An Indigenous framework for understanding the determinants of health
III The impacts of trauma for Indigenous peoples’ mental health and well-being
IV Aboriginal peoples and historic trauma
V The need for Aboriginal core competencies for public health  
VI Conclusion
VII References

-- Submitted by Regine Halseth, Research Associate

I Introduction

Smoke-Free Ontario Act – ten years and beyond

--submitted by Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF), Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco (OCAT)

Ontario just had an anniversary worth celebrating. On Tuesday, May 31, 2016 – World No-Tobacco Day – the Smoke-Free Ontario Act hit the ten-year mark. This life-saving milestone presents a perfect opportunity to reflect on our past successes, take stock of where we are today, and plan for our tobacco-free future.

What have we accomplished?

Evaluate for Action: Developing a Communication and Reporting Plan for Evaluation Results


I  Introduction
II Identifying and understanding your stakeholders
III Defining communication objectives
IV Considerations and barriers to dissemination
V Channels and formats
VI Conclusion
VII References
VIII Resources

--Submitted by Laura Bellissimo, Health Promotion Coordinator and Allison Meserve, Health Promotion Consultant; Health Promotion Capacity Building at Public Health Ontario

I Introduction

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