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Best Start's Workplace Health Initiatives


A. Introduction to Best Start - Community Action for Healthy Babies

B. Best Start's Workplace Health Initiatives

1. Pregnancy Friendly Workplace Initiative & Recommendations

2. Work & Pregnancy Do Mix [booklet] & Recommendations

3. Workplace Health Promotion & Recommendations

C. Best Start Resources

Best Start Resource Centre; Consultations; Community Sites

Posters & Booklets; Recommended References

Aids Awareness Week - The Faces of Aids


Learning about Health Promotion from Community AIDS Organizations

A. Introduction & Overview
B. Learning from AIDS Community Organizations
i) Principles,
ii) Issues,
iii) Approaches,
iv) Advice for HP
C. Synthesis -a model for HP work
D. Key References & Resources

A. Introduction/ Overview

Removing Barriers: Efforts to Promote Inclusion, Diversity & Social Justice in Health


A. Need to Address Barriers
B. The Response - The Work of the Removing Barriers Committee
i) Inclusion
ii) Diversity
iii) Social Justice
iv) The Symposium
C. References

- submitted by Brian Hyndman [] of The Health Communication Unit

Removing Barriers: Efforts to Promote Inclusion, Diversity and Social Justice in Health

A) The Need to Address Barriers in Health Services

Self-Help/Mutual Aid: Take Another Look


By Jennifer Poole, MSW, Co-ordinator, Ontario Self-Help Network

A. Self-Help/Mutual Aid: Defining the Terms

B. Where does Self-Help/Mutual Aid Fit with HP?

Priority Populations & Issues

C. Key Differences Between Self-Help & Professionally Led Initiatives

D. Does Self-Help Help?

Research Findings

E. Limitations of Self-Help

F. The Self-Help Resource Centre/ Ontario Self-Help Network

G. Self-Help/ Mutual Aid at Work

H. References

Linking Mind, Body & Spirit with Community Life in Health Promotion


The Deep Healing Initiative & Civic Renewal - Barrie CHC

A. Introduction

B. The Deep Healing Initiative

i) Spirit/Nature/Universe

ii) Family/Community/Work

iii) Individual/Lifestyle/Mindfulness

iv) Whole Life Review & Still Point Program

v) Civic Participation & Renewal

C. Barrie Civic Renewal Project

i) Civic Renewal School Project

ii) Index of Civic Health

iii)Civic Media Project

iv) Civics Forum

D. References


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