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Hospitals, Health Promotion & Community Action


1. Hospital Network in Support of Community Action
2. To Join the HNSCA
3. Examples of Hospital Involvement in Community Action

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A. Hospital Health Promotion Network
B. The [Canadian] Hospital Health Promotion Network
C. Health Promotion Exchange Newsletter
D. Joining the Hospital Health Promotion Network

Note: Don't forget to check out OHPE 75.2 for resources related to Hospitals & Health Promotion

Homelessness & Advocacy for National Action


A. Homelessness - A National Disaster - announcement
B. Advocating for Change - Lessons from a Campaign
i) The Urgent Situation
ii) The Challenge
iii) Getting Organized
iv) Strategizing
.v) Communicating - using all channels
vi) Targeting Supportive Organizations
vii) Broadening the Appeal
viii) Getting The Snowball Effect
ix) The Facilitator Role - Lessons for Organizers
x) Media Advocacy - Press Strategy

Riding the Current: Assessing the Learning Potential of your Organization


A. Introduction

B. The Implementation Challenge - 5 levels

C. Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

D. How Does Your River Flow?

E. Sharing the Responsibility for Change

F. Key Questions

G. Resources/ References

Feature on CHP's International Projects




1. WHO-EURO Working Group on Health Promotion Evaluation

2. Annotated Bibliography on Health Promotion

3. Health Promotion Indicators

4. Workplace Health Promotion in Chile

5. Canadian Technology Transfer Project for the Implementation of a

Health Promotion Model in Chile

6. Community Approaches to Health Promotion Development in Estonia

7. Youth for Health

Health Promotion Training & Education Programs


A. Summer Schools on Health Promotion
1. The 1998 Ontario HP Summer School, Toronto
2. The 1999 Ontario HP Summer School, Sudbury
3. Prairie Region HP Summer School, Saskatoon
B. Health Promotion Programs in Ontario Colleges & Universities
1. Lakehead University, Faculty of Nursing
2. University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine
3. University of Toronto
i) Graduate Dept. of Public HealthSciences - HP Program
ii) Faculty of Nursing
iii) School of Physical & Health Education

Issues and Campaigns in Ontario HP


A. Introduction - review of campaigns old & new

B. Tobacco

i) Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario - Action Package

ii) Health Canada

iii) Quit 4 Life

C. Alcohol

i) Low Risk Drinking Guidelines (ARF, OPHA, alPHa)

ii) Apolnet Action Packs & Hot Issues

D. ACTION Collaboration Team (OPHEA & ARF)

Health Promotion: Summer Schools, Workshops, Training, Conferences


A. Prairies HP Summer School - Aug 17-21

B. Sustainable Community Development Institute, Thunder Bay, Sept. 11-12,

C. Health Communication Fall Workshop Series [Sep., Nov., Dec.,]

D. OPHEA Fall Physical Health & Education Conference

E. OPHA Conference Nov

F. Australian HP Schools/conferences - Brisbane Nov., Perth May

Tobacco Issues, Organizations, Resources



A. What Ontario Legislators have to say about Tobacco & Control

B. Ontario Tobacco Research Unit

Tobacco Research News; Publications

C. Council for Tobacco Free Ontario

D. Program Training & Consultation Centre

E. Other Ontario Organizations working on Tobacco [SMAF, COMMIT; CCO, OCAT.]

F. List-Servs on Tobacco


ii) International Tobacco Control


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