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Health Promotion & Information Technology (IT)


By Shawn Chirrey, Techonological Support Coordinator

Family Caregiver Support Network, Toronto, ON

A. Introduction: The Uses of IT for Health Promotion

B. Information Technology & The Ottawa Charter

C. Community Networking

D. Self Help On-Line

E. Access Issues

F. Conclusions

G. References

Other Key References & Resources

H. Family Caregiver Support Network

Family Councils Project

Self-Help Week/Conference Nov 16-22

OHPE Topics & Resources


A. The OHPE Contents web-sites, List & Accessing Archives

B. Ontario Health Promotion & Public Health Organizations on the Internet

C. Select & Popular Topics

i) Quality of Life, Determinants of Health,

ii) Community & Organizational Capacity Networking, Collaboration

iii) Health Risks - heart, substance abuse, tobacco, communications

iv) HP Theory, Training, Tools & Practice

v) Research & Evaluation tools, Stories

vi) Children & Youth; Women; Seniors

Youth-Led Health Promotion Initiatives


A. Introduction

B. Youth-Led Health Promotion Initiatives - Innovations & Challenges

i) YouthNet/ Reseau Ado, Ottawa

ii) Hamilton Youth Council

iii)Youth Participation Jeunesse

iv) Youth to Youth programs (Ottawa, Toronto)

C. Agencies & Programs Serving & Involving Youth

i) The Youth Centre, Ajax

ii) South Shore Youth Centre, Kingsville

iii)Teen Health Centre, Windsor

iv) OPHEA's ACTION project

v) ARF "Let 'Em Go" Involving & Supporting Youth - Dunnville, Toronto

Community Capacity Mapping


A. Introduction

B. Mapping Communities - J. McKnight's presentation
i) Citizen Associations
ii) Local Institutions
iii) Individual Capacities

C. Ontario Community Capacity Mapping
i) The Project
ii) The E-Mail discussion list
iii) The Capacity Net & GIS Databases (in progress)


Healthy Cities Setting and Environment


A. Introduction "Hot Town, Summer in the City"

B. Conditions for Health: the Toronto Healthy City Model
i) A Healthy City - Toronto's 3 Es
ii) Integration of Bureaucracies/Stakeholders
iii) Key Strategies

C. Smog & Air Quality Issues
i) Smog Pushes Death Rates Up in Canadian Cities [Report]
ii) Ontario Doctors Call for Cleaner Air - Ground Level Ozone Position Paper
iii) Smog Season Starts Early in Toronto [Globe & Mail article]

D. Summer Heat & the Homeless


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