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Intervention Mapping: A Process For Developing Theory- and Evidence-based Health Education Programs


A. Intervention Mapping: A Process For Developing Theory- and Evidence-based Health Education Programs

1) Introduction

2) Step 1: Creating Matrices Of Proximal Program Objectives

3) Step 2: Selecting Theory-based Intervention Methods And Practical Strategies

4) Step 3: Designing And Organizing Program

5) Step 4: Specifying Adoption and Implementation Plans

6) Step 5: Generating An Evaluation Plan

7) Conclusion

B. Related Course

C. References

Think of HP Globally, Act on HP Locally


A. Introduction - The implications of the WHO Resolution on Health Promotion

B. Thinking Globally about HP

i) From the Canadian Perspective

Health Promotion in Canada & Ron Drapers' speech

WHO Collaborating Centre(s) in HP - the Centre for HP

ii) From the U.S. Perspective

"Health Promotion: Global Perspectives" newsletter

The International Institute for Health Promotion

A letter from an American about WHO & HP perspectives

iii) The International Union for Health Promotion and Education

Health Information Site in Development


The Partnerships and Marketing Division (PMD) of Health Canada invites informal feedback on a consumer health information web site currently under development. An initial prototype was available online - now available as The prototype hasattempted to convey the key elements of planned service intended to meet the health information needs of both the general public and health intermediaries. The questions and suggestions for touring a developmental web-site apply to ANY new web-site.

Emerging Networks


A. Introduction - Moving from Network Theory to the New Reality

B. Coming Soon with a Survey For You (a few examples)

i) Mental Health Promotion - request for program examples & contacts

ii) Youth Health Promotion - who is doing what?

iii) Ontario Women's Health Network - looking for key contacts & resources

iv) National Population Health Clearinghouse - network mapping across the spectrum

C. Making the Case for Emerging Networks

i) Ontario Women's Health Network - Regional Networking

ii) Healthy & Children's Environmental Health Network

iii) Alliance for Health Promotion in Eastern Ontario


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