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The Implementation Challenge: 5 Stages of Growing Our Way Past the Barriers to Change


A. Introduction to The Implementation Challenge

B. 5 Stage Developmental Model

1. Providing supportive workplace conditions

2. Creating a climate for change

3. Building a culture of shared accountability

4. Enhancing capacity for learning

5. Nurturing learning communities

C. Conclusions

D. Resources

Clear Language


A. CLAD - Clear Language & Design

Sample - 5 Tips for Making Your Message Clear

B. CPHA National Literacy Program

1. What is Plain Language

2. Why use it?

3. Plain Language Health Information

Samples - a) Centretown Community Health Centre

b) U of New England Health Literacy Center

4. Plain Facts Newsletter

5. (plain*word)T Game

C. Selected Resources on Plain Language



Heart Health


A. Ministry of Health Press Release

B. Building Bridges: Heart Health & Food Security - March 9 deadline!

C. More from the Heart Health Resource Centre

1. List-Serv Discussion on Heart Health

2. Publications from HHRC

3. The Partnering for Heart Health Proceedings

D. Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario

1. New Web-Site

2. Heart Healthline

3. Heart Health Events in March

E. Heart Health for Northern Communities

1. Take Heart Coalition

2. Heart Health Month in Thunder Bay

F. Two Articles of Interest to HH Coalitions

1. "Community Coalitions: A Self-Assessment Tool"

2. "Steering Committee Enhancements on HP Program Delivery

Health Promotion in Northern Ontario


A. Introduction - News Briefs from the Keeping HP on Public Agenda forums

B. Thunder Bay & District

1. Women's Health Fair

2. Breast Health Activities

3. Working Towards A Smoke-Free Thunder Bay

4. Feeding Children - Thunder Bay Coalition Against Poverty

5. Community Kitchens

6. Health & Safety survey by Statistics Canada

C. Northwestern Ontario

1. Men's Health in Northwestern Ontario

2. Rainy River Safety Coalition

D. Timmins

Withdrawal Management Services

Diabetes Information Service

Aging & Seniors Resources from Health Canada


OHPE Bulletin #40.1 February 6, 1998

A. Experience in Action: A Community Dissemination Kit
1. The Kit Includes
2. Using the Materials -
a) Extending the Dialogue
b) Applying the Lessons
c) The Big question - Where to go from here?
d) A Checklist for Effective Leadership & Consensus Building
3. Where to order the Kit

B. The Safe Living Guide: Home Safety for Seniors

C. Aging Vignettes from NACA

D. NACA Position on Determining Health Care Priorities

Developing Nutrition Month Campaigns


OHPE Bulletin #38.1 January 23, 1998

A. And The Twelve Steps Are...
B. Creative Strategies For Nutrition Month
C. Decide Who You Want To Reach And Get To Know Them (Step 3)
D. Figure Out The Best Ways To Reach Your Audience (Step 6)
E. Get Going On Your Message (Step 8)
F. Evaluate What You've Done (Step 12)

Media Literacy


OHPE Bulletin #37.1 January 16, 1998

A. What is Media Literacy? Why is it Important

B. A Brief History of Media Literacy in Canada

C. Media Literacy Organizations & Web-sites

1. Media Awareness Network

2. MediaWatch Canada

3. The Jesuit Communication Project

4. Assoc. for Media Literacy (Ontario)

5. Alliance for Children & Television (ACT)

6. Adbusters

7. Regional Activities - Media Aware of Barrie

8. U.S. - Media Literacy Online Project (UOregon)

This feature has been compiled and prepared by Suzanne Schwenger of the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse. Suzanne notes that she was particularly inspired by the presentation of Media Aware Barrie at last week's Best Start conference in Toronto. She then researched the great variety of organizations and their web-sites to prepare this special feature. We are grateful for her many comprehensive and timely contributions to the Ontario Health Promotion Email Bulletin.


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