Toronto Mobile Crisis Intervention Team (MCIT) Program Implementation Evaluation Brief Report


I Background
II An Evaluation of the Toronto Mobile Crisis Response Team Program
III Evaluation Recommendations
IV References
V Resources

--submitted by Maritt Kirst, Amy Katz and Vicky Stergiopoulos. The original report on which it is based was written by Maritt Kirst, Renira Narrandes, Kate Francombe Pridham, Janani Yogalingam, Flora Matheson and Vicky Stergiopoulos, Centre for Research on Inner City Health, St. Michael’s Hospital

Best practices in social marketing among aboriginal peoples


I Summary
II Introduction
III Definition of social marketing
IV Methodology
V Key recommendations from the literature
VI Practical Implications
VII Assessment of the research base and directions for future research
VIII Conclusion
IX References and resources

Recruiting and Retaining Bilingual Staff

Submitted by Andrea Bodkin and Estelle Duchon, HC Link

I Introduction

II Background

III Recruiting bilingual staff

IV Retaining bilingual staff

V When bilingual staff leave

VI Case Study

VII References and further resources


I See… I Learn – Best Start Resource Centre Campaign


I Introduction
II Background Research
III Campaign Plan
IV Key Organizations
V Positive Discipline Parenting Programs
VI References

--submitted by Louise Choquette, Bilingual Health Promotion Consultant, Best Start Resource Centre – Health Nexus

Open letter to the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of the Environment, Government of Canada


1 Introduction
II Letter to the Minister
III How I came to write this letter
IV References

Submitted by David Burman

I Introduction

Adolescent Stress and Coping: A Meta-analysis


I Introduction
II Article search
III Literature review
IV Adolescent coping strategies
V Method
VI Understanding the ecological framework
VII References

Heart and Stroke Foundation Stroke Report 2014: Death rates from stroke have greatly decreased over past 10 years, but with an aging population and an increase in younger people having strokes, can the system keep up?


I Introduction
II Stroke can happen at any age
III Improvements in care and treatment
IV Coordinated care
V Specialized units, specialized care
VI The power of technology
VII Rehabilitation
VIII Prevention
IX Involving patients and families
X Conclusion
XI Resources

--submitted by Ian Joiner, Patrice Lindsay and Stephanie Lawrence

Imagine Men’s Health Study – Health and Well-being among Gay and Bisexual Men of Colour in Toronto: Intersections of Body Image, Racism, Homophobia, and Gender Roles


I Introduction
II Study objectives
III Study context
IV Phase 1: Qualitative interviews
V Phase 2: Online survey
VI Study implications
VII Notes and resources

Aboriginal Food Security in Northern Canada: An Assessment of the State of Knowledge


I Introduction
II The Panel’s Approach to the Assessment
III Key Findings
IV Promising Practices to Build Food Security, Food Sovereignty, Health, and Wellness
V Conclusion

Submitted by Council of Canadian Academies

I Introduction

Attention Health Promoters: It’s Time to Get Creative!


I Introduction
II What is Arts & Health?
III Opportunity in Canada
IV Conclusion
V Resources
VI References
VII Additional Resources

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