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A Summary of Municipal Alcohol Policies and Public Health: A Primer

I Background
II Current landscape: municipal alcohol policies in Ontario
III An eight step model for municipal alcohol policy development
IV Conclusion
V Resources
VI References

-- Submitted by Shawn Prasad, Practicum Student, Health Promotion Capacity Building, Public Health Ontario, and Jason LeMar, Health Promotion Consultant, Health Promotion Capacity Building, Public Health Ontario

I Background

Psychiatrist, CMHA

Aurora, Ontario
No deadline noted

Reporting to:

  • Neil Howard, Director of Programs (Primary)
  • Karen Hicks, Director of Programs

Position Summary:

The Psychiatrist will oversee psychiatric services throughout CMHA. Direct service will be delivered to the: Flexible Support, Early Psychosis, Rapid Access and Mental Health & Justice Programs.

Smoke-Free Ontario Act – ten years and beyond

--submitted by Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF), Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco (OCAT)

Ontario just had an anniversary worth celebrating. On Tuesday, May 31, 2016 – World No-Tobacco Day – the Smoke-Free Ontario Act hit the ten-year mark. This life-saving milestone presents a perfect opportunity to reflect on our past successes, take stock of where we are today, and plan for our tobacco-free future.

What have we accomplished?

Opportunities and Challenges in health promotion with a new Liberal Government

For the last issue of 2015 we asked organizations and individuals to reflect on the impact the new Liberal Government could have on the health of Canadians.

We invited health promoters and health organizations to send us their thoughts on the following questions: What will the change in government mean to health promotion and public health in Canada?  What are the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead?


A Provincial Scan of Municipal Alcohol Policies – Quantitative Results


I Introduction
II Methods
III Results
IV Discussion
V Conclusion
VI Resources
VII References

-- Submitted by Jason LeMar, Health Promotion Consultant – Alcohol Policy, Health Promotion Capacity Building, Public Health Ontario and Gobinaa Manoharan, Product Development Advisor, Health Promotion Capacity Building, Public Health Ontario (former)

The relevance of stages heuristics model to influence the development of healthy public policies


I Introduction
II Background
III The policymaking process
IV Stages heuristic model
V Issue of relevance
VI Implication: Eight steps for developing healthy public policies workbook

--By Kim Bergeron, Health Promotion Consultant, Health Promotion Capacity Building, Public Health Ontario  

I Introduction

Letter from the Editors: October 2015 Federal Election Resources


I Introduction
II Official Election Site
III The Parties
IV News and Information Sources
V Polling Sites
VI  Issues and Advocacy
VII Events
VIII Hashtags

I Introduction

Here is our usual collection of election-related resources for health promoters. This time, we're running the feature a month before the October 19 federal election -- we'll add new items as they arise.

II Official Election Site

Ever wonder whether policy makes a difference? Conduct an evaluation to find out


I Introduction
II The Ten Steps
III Conclusion
IV References
V Additional Resources

--Submitted by Allison Meserve and Kim Bergeron, Health Promotion Consultants, Health Promotion Capacity Building Services at Public Health Ontario

I Introduction

Refugee Health Cuts: The Context, The Current Coverage, and The Call to Action


I Introduction
II The context
III The current coverage
IV The call to action
V Resources

--Submitted by Ritika Goel

I Introduction

What happens when a government decides that instead of protecting and providing for the most marginalized people in the society, it will instead attack and deny services to them? The 2012 cuts to the refugee health program in Canada have been an exercise in determining exactly that.

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