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October 10 to 30, 2016

Today marks the opening of registration for our new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), made in collaboration with BMJ and Future Learn.

About the Course

This free online course will help you to understand health inequalities and how they are socially driven. We will look at how health is affected by wider determinants and how you can make a difference as a health professional to close the health inequality gap.

Determinants of Indigenous peoples’ health and well-being: Featured publications from the National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health


I Introduction
II An Indigenous framework for understanding the determinants of health
III The impacts of trauma for Indigenous peoples’ mental health and well-being
IV Aboriginal peoples and historic trauma
V The need for Aboriginal core competencies for public health  
VI Conclusion
VII References

-- Submitted by Regine Halseth, Research Associate

I Introduction

Public Health Promoter, Perth District Health Unit

Stratford, Ontario
Deadline February 20, 2015

Temporary Full-time

The Perth District Health Unit (PDHU) is committed to providing people with a healthy, inclusive and accommodating workplace.  PDHU is an equal opportunity employer and provides a dynamic and progressive work environment. We currently have an opening for a temporary full- time Public Health Promoter starting immediately until December 2015. Initial assignment will be in the Community Health Department and include Child Health and Oral Health.

Two Articles from National Collaborating Centres: Advancing Population Mental Health and Telling the Health Equity Story through Population Heath Status Reporting

Advancing Population Mental Health was submitted by Pascale Mantoura of the National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy.

Telling the Health Equity Story through Population Heath Status Reporting was submitted by Hannah Moffatt, Lesley Dyck, and Pemma Muzumdar of the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health.

One: Advancing Population Mental Health 


Social Determinants of Health: Planning to Action


I Introduction
II Social determinants of health and population health
III Addressing the social determinants of health
IV Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) tool

Organization and Program Resources Related to Feature 711

The Health Council of Canada reports on the progress of health care renewal, on the health status of Canadians, and on the health outcomes of our system. For more information about the determinants of health or to download the Health Council of Canada’s report, Stepping It Up: Moving the Focus from Health Care in Canada to a Healthier Canada, visit

Shifting the focus for a healthier population: How provinces are using a whole-of-government approach to tackle the determinants of health


I Introduction
II Whole-of-government approaches to health promotion
III Provincial and territorial initiatives
IV The need to step it up

--submitted by John G. Abbott, CEO, Health Council of Canada

I Introduction

Social determinants of health in Canada: a treadmill of progress


I Introduction
II A brief history
III All doom and gloom?
IV The treadmill
V Getting off the treadmill

--submitted by Karin Davis

I Introduction

Using Neighbourhood Data to Address the Social Determinants of Health


I Introduction
II Detailed Information about Your Neighbourhoods
III A Closer Look at Possible Solutions
IV Using the Data to Make a Difference
V Outcomes to Date
VI The Role of Public Health Practitioners
VII References

--submitted by Diana Daghofer, Wellspring Strategies and Hope Beanlands, Scientific Director, National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health

I Introduction

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