Determinants, Income and Social Status, Social Support Networks, Education, Working Conditions, Physical Environments, Biology & Genetics, Personal Health Practices & Coping Skills, Healthy Child Development, Health Services

Smoke-free Multi-Unit Dwellings--A Priority for Public Health Action


I Introduction
II Smoke-free Homes and Comprehensive Tobacco Control
III Smoke-free Multi-Unit Housing in Ontario
IV The Role of Local Public Health Departments
V Leadership Examples
VI Conclusion
VII Additional Resources
VII References

Healthy Baby Healthy Brain Campaign


I Overview
II Background
III Key Messages and Strategies
IV Dissemination
V Development Process
VI How Service Providers Can Be Involved
VII References and Resources

--Submitted by Louise Choquette, Bilingual Health Promotion Consultant, Best Start Resource Centre, Health Nexus

Writing on the Wall: Nutrition Information on Restaurant Menus

Toronto, Ontario and Ottawa, Ontario
September 12, 2012 and September 13, 2012

A Half-Day Symposium in Five Canadian Cities

Alcohol Policy and FASD Prevention

I Introduction
II Role of public health
III Social marketing campaign
IV Resources

--submitted by Wendy McAllister, BSc, Manager, Best Start Resource Centre, Health Nexus, and Benjamin Rempel, MPH, health promotion field support specialist, Public Health Ontario

I Introduction

Planning and Integration Specialist, South West Local Health Integration Network

London, Ontario
Deadline August 9, 2012

The South West Local Health Integration Network  (LHIN), is one of 14 local organizations that have been created in Ontario to plan, coordinate and fund local health services, including hospitals, community care access centres (CCACs), long-term care homes, community health centres (CHCs), community support service agencies, and mental health and addictions agencies. The office of the South West LHIN is located in London, Ontario.

Social Determinants of Health: Planning to Action


I Introduction
II Social determinants of health and population health
III Addressing the social determinants of health
IV Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) tool

Eliminating barriers to dental hygiene – A community health centre’s effort to provide free, accessible oral health care

Submitted by Heather McLeod, Windsor Essex Community Health Centre

I Introduction

II RNAO Best Practice Guideline and WECHC Street Health Program

III Community Partnerships

IV Conclusion

I Introduction

Organizations Related to Feature 742

National Abortion Federation

The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is the professional association of abortion providers in North America. NAF currently offers quality training and services to abortion providers and unbiased information and referral services to women.

Canadians for Choice

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